Home Discussion Forum Are there animals that communicate through telepathy?

Are there animals that communicate through telepathy?


  1. All animals communicate through telepathy. Example: I have 7 cats and 1 dog. When my husband and I are about to leave for the market to shop they know before I prepare to leave. it’s almost like they are talking about it among themselves. They amaze me.
    We take our dog to the dog park on a regular basis. And, he knows when he is going to get to go, and he’s already to hit the door. But the cats are jealous that he gets to leave and you can tell they are all in a wad when we get back. Like how come, we didn’t get to go ? Though they are not allowed on the carport. Sometimes one or two of them will be waiting for our return. I often wonder if they didn’t go telepathically. Out of Body Travel.

  2. I don’t think its telepathy but body language. Animals are not commonly as vocal as us so they have different ways to communicate, the slightest muscle twitch might mean something that a human would never even notice. They also communicate by scent. This is why they say that dogs and horses can “smell” fear…they are noticing the scent of your pheremones and noticing your body position. However, I do also feel some animals are a little bit psychic. Cats especially.

  3. Good question, animals seem to sense things before they happen, like earthquakes and know to try and get away from danger, I don’t know if it is telepathy but they have very keen senses, dogs are also used for example for people who suffer from epilepsy, because they can sense when a person is going to have an attack before it happens, but researchers believe they can “smell” something is up, but who really knows.


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