Home Discussion Forum Are there alot of genuine people with paranormal abilities, or just some?

Are there alot of genuine people with paranormal abilities, or just some?

I know that some people call them ‘psychics’, but I find the term overused and utilised by the frauds out there. But are abilities such as telepathy, foresight, and telekinesis reall common, or a rare occurence?
Well. What a peach.


  1. If anyone out there has ever had one of these abilities, they never bothered to show a scientist. Plenty of people claim they can do it, but although they’ll charge you money to fool you, they won’t submit to 10 minutes of testing that could win them a million bucks if they could actually do what they claimed they could do. Science gave up on these areas years ago. If anyone ever demonstrates the ability, we’ll be happy to start over, but so far, no reason to do so has presented itself. Not to mention the fact that most of these ‘abilities’ would break the laws of physics as we know them, which just adds credence to the ‘they don’t exist’ idea.
    But please, prove us wrong. We’re waiting. Just stop by your local physics department.

  2. Scientist have pursued this question with scientific investigation since 1882 when the Society for Psychical Research (link below) was first formed and continue to pursue the question today through organizations like the Parapsychological Association (link below).
    What the scientific evidence supports is that psi abilities are normal human abilities that are normally distributed in the population. What this means is that just like everyone has the ability to play a musical instrument, play sports, and do math all at different levels of ability psi abilities seem to work the same way.
    I agree the term is over used by many dishonest people seeking only to profit from it. The situation is similar with many professional skeptics that have an interest in psi phenomena due to publicity and profit as motivation.
    I have provided links below with information on the one million dollar prize scam.
    I have listed links to a small amount of the extensive scientific research on the phenomena you mention in your question.

  3. Nearly everyone has moments where something “unusual” occurs (like they pick up the phone before it rings, or they seem to know what another person is thinking), but most people consider this to be coincidence, or so unpredictable that they ignore the events. There are some people who have demonstrated the ability to consistently perform these abilities better than chance. These people are rarely found, just as musical genius and sports greatness is rarely found.
    Those who have demonstrated psi abilities usually do not consider themselves special. They often state that anybody could do what they do with practice, persistence, and support.
    Everybody has some abilities with psi, just as everybody can pick up and throw a baseball or touch the keys of a piano. Very few people will develop the master skills of Mozart with music or Barry Bonds with hitting a baseball.
    Most of the psi testing that has been done up to this point has been involved with trying to prove that these skills exist. Though some people may argue with the experimental methods or the analysis used, parapsychologists have recorded results that show a statistically significant variation from chance in testing for telepathy, psychokinesis, and remote viewing. The tests typically take years to perform, and the statistical variations is small but significant. No one has been found to perform at 60-80 percent accuracy on a consistent basis (which is what many skeptical organizations consider necessary to provide proof of a phenomenon).
    Currently parapsychologists and many who practice in the field are looking for ways to improve their skills and their accuracy in their work. In addition, they are looking for more practical applications of these skills.
    So, yes, these abilities are considered common, but consistent success with these skills takes a great deal of work and practice, just as is true with any field. Thanks for the question!

  4. They must be very rare,I’ve searched for years and never found one person with paranormal ability.What’s not rare are people boasting they have them or know for sure someone who does.

  5. You probably just hear about the ones who charge money. I think the real ones are the ones who don’t charge and probably don’t even realize they’re psychic.

  6. Estimates from the US government’s formerly secret program were that approximately 1 in 10,000 have some remote viewing talent, and about 1 in 100,000 have enough skill to be useful. There haven’t been any large-scale systematic tests (in the Western world, anyway) to know how accurate these estimates may be, but based on yogic lore about the siddhis (mental powers) and how many people can reliably demonstrate them, these figures are probably close to correct. In other words, real talent in this realm is almost certainly rare, just as it is in sports or music. Consider how many Olympic champion-level sportspeople there are, and how many are playing those same games. 1 in 100,000 is probably a conservative estimate for real talent.

  7. hey eri!!! you know what??? most of quantum physics breaks the laws of physics and if you go past the event horizon of a black hole the laws of physics cease to exist. So what Does that matter. I think my dog btw has developed some sort of way to mentaly send me a whimper to my mind to let me know i when he wants in because i once heard it opened the door to let him in and called his name, (if he doesn’t want in he doesn’t come) and i saw him come out from around the corner like from the front yard. I know as a fact that my dog wouldn’t sit in the front yard and whimper that loud, he would first come to the door and whimper and then whimper louder, and then lie down. this is like the coolest thing my dog can do. i can’t do it, but he can.
    According to its size a bumblebee can’t fly, but it doesn’t know that. and im sure that it wouldn’t care if you told it and just fly away.

  8. if i meditate for several hours i can blow out candles from the otherside of the room with my hand . like the way jedis push people but then i cant do it again for a long time……

  9. Most people have some amount of talent. Interestingly enough some of the charlatans are quite psychic. It’s like being smart enough to cheat on a test. Wouldn’t it have been better to study, of course, but not everyone is wired like that.
    Getting back to your first question there are tens of thousands that have an admitted skill of one type or another.
    It is like music everyone can make a sound, only some are tone deaf.

  10. Paranormal abilities is a pretty broad term. I do believe that there are instances when we can have a flash of intuition or precognition but it would be extremely rare for one person to demonstrate those abilities constantly. As we learn more and evolve it may become more common. I have had brief flashes of intuition but don’t consider myself psychic at all. I think we all have at one time or another. It is my opinion that humans are evolving spiritually and eventually these occurrences will be commonplace. As of yet, there isn’t anyone that can consistently claim to tap psychic abilities reliably.

  11. The term psychic, medium and clairvoyant many times are confusing to people. Psychics, well, there really have only been about a half-a-dozen of so-called “authentic” psychics. Those who show extraordinary abilities in ESP, telekinesis and even psychokinesis are coined as “psychic.” The term medium is used much more often. Mediums usually have one type of ability, and this usually is ESP. ESP can range from psychokinesis to communicating with the deceased. However, like that of psychics, there have only been about a dozen or so “authentic” mediums worldwide since 1900. Through proper research and investigation through parapsychology, more and more individuals who consider themselves mediums is beinf reduced by the dozens every year. Instead, more people today are calling themselves “clairvoyants.” This term is more realistic because the term implies those who occassionally have (visions, premonitions and ESP encounters). The basis of individuals who claim to have clairvoyant occurrences versus those who have mediumship abilities is about 70% greater.
    Many people are also fooled by the terminology. Telekinesis and telepathy are the same thing. However, many also use the terms psychokinesis and telekinesis as if they were two different things, they’re not. telekinesis is simply and older term that is rarely used today. Psychokinesis or (PK) for short is the definition often used today. PK has other alternative terms as well, such as parakinesis. Parakinesis, however, is often used in other countries, such as England, Scandinavia, and even Germany. The two nations that have the more up to date literature regarding parapsychology is the US and England.
    To determine whether or not a person has “authentic” clairvoyant abilities they must go through a week long examination given by profeesional parapsychologists or psychologists who specialize in a particular branch of psychical research. This test cannot be accomplished by just making up a deck of Zener cards (specially designed cards for PK tests) and test their own potential ability. Usually, this test, among other types are given to the individual by another “qualified” individual.
    I do hope this answered some of your question.
    Best of luck in the future.

  12. I think we all have the potential yes there are those who use it as a scam but the same is true with every other group cops,preists,car dealers etc some lie and cheat many do not

  13. there are ALOT of real ones. but let me tell you there are also ALOT of fake ones. so if you are looking for one absolutly make sure it is genuin

  14. everyone has a certain amount of pyschic ability, thats what i believe. I am clairvoyant, an empath, and have an electrical pyschic ability


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