Are There A Such Thing As A Succubus?

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I have heard of a Pastor that exorcised a evil spirit that was tormenting a guy. The pastor called the evil spirit (Demon) a succubus.

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ask my ex girlfriend.


Yes absolutely , I wish I had all my anthropology books on hand but there are many cultures that experience a succubus. I have never witnessed it but I had a great anthropology teacher say to me once everything is valid and no one belief in spiritual matters is no less and no more valid then another. So if a society believes or even a group of people believes that succubus is a real entity then it is there for a real entity even if others do not believe it is real. I don’t mean to make it seem complicated but especially in the christian religion succubus exists in the form of demons using female persuasion to torment males.
try looking it up in your local library and if you can’t find books on it there try looking it up in a local university library I am sure you will find lots of information on it there.


Wouldn’t it be cool if all those things existed?! But unfortunately, in real life there are no succubi. No angles, devils or any of the rest. I am sure people will get upset because their myths are precious to them, but no leprechauns, elves or faeries either.

Rhonda Shidler

so you say there is no God, what if your wrong, then what. what about the Bible then? I wouldn’t b surprised at all if there was/is a succubus demon out there somewhere to target men.


Maybe you should ask his wife why he feels that way! lol


A succubus is a mystified whore. A seductress demon who feeds on the pains and suffering of men by her hands.


well said


yes they are real and if you know the guy that the pastor was talking about have him go to someone who photograhs or sees auras for a checkup cause they can come back


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