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Are the things i'm experiencing while i'm alone in the shower/in bed possibly activities of an incubus?

Often when I am in the shower i can sense someone watching me and hear my drawers opening when no one is in the bathroom with me. Also I can feel something getting onto my bed at night occasionally, when nothing is visibly there. Sometimes I have experiences or dreams when I have the sensation of being suffocated or not being able to breath, or like something very heavy is on my chest. I’ve never been sexually touched by this assumed presence, however. Could this still be an incubus or something related?


  1. that is some fuckd up shit but if you feel a “heavy presence” one which suddenly makes u feel worse or something theres prolly something there. not much i can think of to do but u should look into it

  2. These are the most common of hallucinogenic phenomena which is easily understood. Your ears are such a delicate sense organs that they can hear the collisions of molecules (the sound when you hold a shell to your ear are the molecules colliding). However, hearing takes place when your mind interprets these sounds. Normally, the brain does a pretty good job, but in heightened states the brain is grasping for information and may interpret random noise as meaningful noise. The fact that these episodes take place in shower, which is full of white noise easy to form into a multitude of meaningful sounds, and at bedtime when the mind is unoccupied and seeking to keep busy by interpreting random noises. As for movements of bed, you have to realize that the motor system is separate from the sensory system. Your muscles twitch for no reason all day long and you don’t normally notice- however, in a bed, motions are given new energy by the lever actions and response of springs and mattress cells. You’re not going crazy and you’re not being attacked by a demon (two separate things)- just force yourself to interpret the noises correctly- train your brain! If you hear a random noise and you know the brain is trying to give it meaning consciously deny it- You can teach yourself quickly to desensitize yourself to such stimulus overload phenomena. Good luck!

  3. not an incubus… it’s a ghost screwing with you….
    A lot of people are going to say a lot of things on here but….. i want to tell you that i believe you. shit like this used to happen to me ALL through my childhood and up into my teens. it was a regular occurrence for me until i was 18 probably. When i was young, they would terrorize me. by the time i turned 16, i was no longer afraid of them…
    when they’d start moving things around in the middle of the night i’d just yell at them and tell them to stop because i was trying to sleep…. oddly enough, a lot of times they did.
    You have to realize that YOU emit electrical energy…. THEY are electrical energy. Things that you feel, think, believe etc will feed their energy and attract them to you.
    They can read your thoughts. Let me ask you this… you don’t have to answer but…. Are you the type of person who “FEELS” things? If you do, you know EXACTLY what i’m talking about… Places, People, Things, etc…
    Like….. you walk into a room and you FEEL it’s history? i shouldn’t have to explain it much more than that….
    well….. ghosts are attracted to that, because they know you can perceive them, and… a lot of times, they’re trying to communicate..
    you COULD theoretically hone that skill and talk to them. You will probably never actually HEAR their words or SEE them physically in front of you, though you may….
    but.. you can get to where you can perceive what their trying to say through “thought” and FEELING it……..
    i guarantee you no one else who is reading this is going to understand what i’m saying, and their probably going to talk a lot of crap about what i’m saying, but i guarantee YOU do understand….
    good luck with it… i’m one of those by the way… if you have questions, find me.

  4. No, most likely not. We often create in our subconscious mind our deepest concerns and allow them to manifest in dreams. Or, even during that esp REM state before waking or going to sleep.

  5. I believe you, and I think Mitch is the closest. He had his experience, that makes him an expert on his life, and a good contact on yours. I don’t think an incubus, demon, not scary enough. Ghosts a re people who died. They pretty much have their same personalities. Your is scary in a too close way. I say talk to it, tell it to stay off your bed, and out of the bathroom when you are there, it may listen.

  6. While incubus-type entities are a problem, it is also worthwhile imo to differentiate your two or three situations, as to causality.
    Kindly check http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/sleep-apnea/symptoms-of-sleep-apnea
    This would be an issue worth addressing/diagnosing, either yourself by obtaining a voice recorder from an electronics outlet store, or by a visit to an M.D. The voice sensor would pick up snoring sounds, which are typically associated with s. a. Another clue would be soreness in throat in a.m.
    As to being in the shower and feeling observed, and hearing drawers being opened, those could be simply projections of your heighened sensitivity, based on experiences of something climbing onto your bed.
    If you haven’t particularly been opening yourself to the lower “spirit” realm via ouija or wicca-type practices, you have a good ability to simply ask God, Christ Jesus, Saint Michael, et al. to remove such entities when they approach or observe you. This would be sincerely done whenever you sense or experience such things.
    1-800-525-Love has licensed counselors who would even pray with you about such frightening events. They are available 24/7, free of charge. http://www.klove.com is their general website.
    “Emotions,” Marilyn C. Barrack, Ph.D., is good. Review at http://www.amazon.com
    http://www.astraldynamics.com has some helpful suggestions.

  7. Read ‘The Entity’, a book of Parapsychology by Frank DeFelitta. It made a ‘chilling’ reading then. This was also made into a horror movie later. It speaks of a real life story of a woman ..
    You haven’t mentioned your age. Whatever, it would be good to see a doctor and discuss matters, before such ideations overtake you. Personally, I don’t believe in such phenomena. Try to be among people and avoid being alone in an apartment. Also pray to God, whatever name you call Him/Her by. A strong faith in the almighty takes most of our mental worries and cleans the mind of its crazy creations.
    God bless you and protect you Razz…..

  8. Isn’t Incubus a band?!?
    I would suggest that you sleep listening to the band Incubus.
    Oh and I saw the word “sexually” in your question and realized that I was on the wrong track.
    I get creeped out by the booger man. I mean boogie woogie man.

  9. yes, quite possible. however, it may or may not be an incubus. typically, those cut right to the chase with assaulting you, but almost always while you are sleeping. as, when you are not moving or active, you are easier to affect. i have helped many of my friends who are afflicted by said “negative entities,” and typically, no, you are not crazy. in fact, one of the things negative entities do is, when they are affecting somebody, and that person is asked a question like this, they put the thought in their targets head that the other person is crazy. in this way, both of the negative entities go undisturbed. all this being said, such negative forces are actually very simple to eradicate, and i have helped several of my friends do so on many occasions. and no, typically a crazy guy doing an excorcism yelling about jesus and so forth, doesn’t really work. sorry guys, it’s simple, but it requires action, not words. so, please feel free to email me if you wish to inquire further as to how to stop this. stay safe.
    Sree Gurudev Datta.

  10. Watch a movie called “The Entity” it will show you that you do not have an incubus in your home and how they actually behave.
    What you are experiencing may be your spirit guide doing his rounds or a resident spirit trying to attract attention from you.
    Check it out


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