Are the spirits we see only a residual display of our past-life's 'auras'?

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I personally don’t see spirits, but it seems all the stories of ghosts brings me to this conclusion. Thnx

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If you see spirits you need a mental evaluation.

Janet X


Carton Size

Residual displays of cuckoo.


I don’t think so many seem to have intelligence which would indicate they are actually beings not just past-life auras. There are what are called familure spirits where the spirit is in the form of a known person by who is being visited. These familure spirits often act as the person who had passed away. There are also demonic spirits or evil spirits. They are the ones that hurt people and cause harm. Sometimes using a camera you can catch an orb. Orbs sometimes reveal the aura on the photo. Orbs are solid circles, ones you can see through are not orbs. Black smoke looking things are demons. You’ll know it when you see it. What these entities are or what there purpose is no one really knows. I have my theories but most of my PI buddies disagree.
Let me put it to you this way…we did an investigation with a hat box or a short wave Am receiver. We were able to pick up live EVP’s of a little boy named Ethan who would answere questions back to us in short sentences.
The psychics who I have yet to really trust said that the hotel was haunted by a figure named Louis. and a war vet Alcoholic named Ben. Typically our investigation team doesn’t use psychics except in rare occasions because many of them are scam artists.

Vampires are not real

They are the residue of a mental illness.


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