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Are the Pats cursed since they cheated and every1 found out last year early in the season?

I have seen this before not just in sports but in real life, people thinking they can get away with cheating any system. well eventually Karma or God or bad fortune will eventually follow them. I believe it has followed them and will continue to do so until all players and coaches from the tainted team are gone and out of the Pats organization. I say this becasue I have seen the Dolphins (my fav team) go downhill right after Shula left. You might ask why have they gone down over the years since he left. My conclusion the coaches were cheating the players by making them play with injuries that doctors would withold information from (see OJ Mc Duffie as one example). Since then the players didnt trust Dave Wandstant who was hired by Jimmy Jhonson and they have declined steadily into the pits of the NFL.
Say what you want but I predict no super bowls will come to New England until ALL players and coaches and management are cleared thus ending the curse. You heard it here first!
Yo I FAKEISM u know the truth buddy u cheat u get caught, u lose in the END DEAL WITH IT U CHEATING SCUM!!!!!!


  1. i know i think they are cursed because going undefeated to super bowl and losing to sucky team that sucks i think they are not going to win another superbowl

  2. They lost 1 player…It happens, This is the NFL. I remember when Bledsoe went down and everyone freaked out. The Patriots will be fine

  3. I like where ur going with this lol… Anywho my outlook on the whole deal is loosing in the superbowl to the New York Giants after going 19-0 was the karma I think they deserved. Brady is a great Quarterback and what happened to him sucks horribly but the Patriots are a good football team you can’t blame the cheating on the players it’s the coaches and I hate Bellishit but the Pats are a good football team although Brady is gone for the season I don’t think this will stop them from having a good year still. They are strong all the way around offense and defense. They don’t just depend on Brady. Even tho you need a good QB I think Cassell can handle it just fine. I’m not even a Patriot fan. I just love football. Also I kinda don’t see them going to the super bowl either…

  4. No it makes perfect sense that Tom Brady got hurt. He didn’t know the Linebacker was blitzing. It’s actually somewhat difficult to play QB in the NFL when you don’t know what the defense is doing.
    Either that or Tom is just faking the injury and will retire after the surgery because he never learned how to read a pro defense.

  5. No theres no such thing as a curse. if there is, the Lions are cursed. 1 playoff win in 50 years- somethings going on there. You want to call it a curse because a defender stuck his helmet on Bradys knee, then its a curse that would have hit every qb in the league.

  6. And the Lord said, “Thou shall not sell your soul to the devil for NFL stardom” & the Lord took Tommy’s knees for one season, this made Patriot Nation cry & ponder the safest way to abandon the wagon. Then the wagon was empty or less full like it was prior to 2001.


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