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Are the meandering consequences of consciousness the main obstacles against the prospect of a time machine?

Especially, since the physical past could have theoretically fit into the infinite possibilities of the future paths.
Please note the higher degree of subtlety here:
This is not a case of the observer merely influencing the outcome of the experiment, but—by the very force of its conscious existence—actively preventing it from happening in the first place.


  1. This is a variation on the “grandfather” paradox, about which you can read in the link below. There you can also note that there are ways around this problem. Presently, some physicists such as Hawking believe that there is some as yet unknown physical principle that will forbid time travel (see the second link) but cannot yet name it. All this runs into the practical problem of how to do this for something of any significant size, and the barriers that the theories run into were outlined by Rip Thorne in his book “Black Holes & Time Warps”, which might be in your library (since it was a best-seller). As far as consciousness playing a part, which the physicist John Archibald Wheeler likes to discuss, there are ways around that causing a problem.

  2. I wonder what it would feel like to stop feeling!0!
    I wonder if it’s possible to stop all sensation, perception, comprehension, etc. and still be able to observe…existence.
    Good luck!

  3. okay im no science wiz, and correct me if im wrong…but are you implementing the idea that if someone were to travel back in time, would that person be able to influence a different outcome by placing people in the “right places at the right times”, However, would that be enough to halt them from carrying out their original prospects?
    If so, then I believe the time traveler would have to show up before an action has been “thought” out, and distract them.

  4. I sadly cannot hear videos on my pc, but, don’t we all travel through time as it is? The mind is reincarnated repeatedly, so what your lives have done in the past affect the lives you live in the future.

  5. I don`t think consciousness is the main problem here. There is a fairly basic concept which is in opposition to time travel and that would be the Principle of Conservation of Energy. According to physics, no energy can ever be created or destroyed. If a time machine were to be created, anything traveling in it would rid the world of the energy it possesses and would transfer that energy to the other world (or the same world at a different point in time) thus breaking the above mentioned principle.

  6. i think that time travel may be possible in the future. nothing indicates that anybody has tried to interfere with the “time stream” we currently inhabit. i also believe that, like aliens, time travel is not probable, even tho’ it may be possible.


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