Are the crop circle makers Democrats or Republicans?

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Is this susposed to be a bad attempt at humor?

General LingLing

Well, think about. Which party is often accused by intellectuals of being a hoax bought into by the credulous masses? Which party believes that (illegal) aliens are manipulating our economy? Which party is most often involved in national conspiracies?
The answer is obvious — the Communist Party.


Could be either. Is the circle “spinning” to the left or to the right?

John B

Probably Democrats, liberals love to challenge established beliefs and realities. Republicans, conservatives, by definition want to do things the old fashioned way, and therefore they wouldn’t be interested in creatively wrestling with realities.


Well according to TV they are made by aliens, so I suspect they are Democrats since Republicans are on record as wanting to deport all aliens.


Definitely Independents!

gaylene B

Neither, crop circles are mostly in England, so the makers would have to be liberals or conservatives, or labor party.

Terry T



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