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Are the atheists the only ones that know about this

That all religions came from………..
Take a look at thishttp://www.yoism.org/images/YoJesusOfTheMushrooms.jpg

and post your thoughts
Christians why do you think Jesus is above those mushrooms?
Christians why do you think Jesus is above those mushrooms?
The “forbidden fruit” mentioned in Genesis is also analogous to the later church-banned mushroom. The “fruit” opened the minds of the eaters and brought forth knowledge and loss of innocence. A 12 th century church in France depicts the forbidden fruit tree of Genesis as amanita muscaria mushroom bunch surrounded by Adam and Eve Just as the U.S. government quickly stopped its citizens from having mind-expanding substances in the 1960’s (under the guise of public safety,) the early Christian Church expunged this practice as well to keep a power hold over the citizenry (under threat of death.)
Sandra , no I am not that guy.
To the first person that answered, I do not do drugs.My only drug is Knowledge, that is what you obvioulsy lack


  1. ok! so whats your point…you think the mushroom was the only drug out there. so does beer and whine and pot…how old are you

  2. Hey – are you the one that used to be called “Mushroom Jesus”?
    I liked that guy – don’t know what happend to him. Maybe he sampled too many mushrooms before answering on here.

  3. Christians are too ignorant, they will never research the origins of their cult.
    I know very well Christianity is based on astrotheology, fertility cults and worship of entheogenic plants, as I said you loose your time with them, they are just too uneducated to do any research.
    edit:you see the answer below”the mushroom is not afruit she says”, typical Christian ignorant answer.
    FRUIT in this context is symbolical does not mean that the mushroom is a fruit!!!!

  4. Mushrooms aren’t fruit. Mushrooms are a fungus. They don’t grow on trees, and if they do, its because the tree is dead. I really doubt Adam and Eve picked a disgusting tasting and looking mushroom from a dead tree and thought “this looks tastey”, even IF the bible story is real.
    Also, if they were tripping, and did happen to pick from a dead tree..the symbolism of Genesis would be entirely different.


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