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Are the approx 500m Buddhists, atheists? Does Dalai Lama deny the existence of deties?

Who are they praying too? Gautama? Where is he now supposedly…Nirvana?
If some Buddhists believe in god(s), which ones?


  1. All Buddhists believe in gods. Buddhism has always been a polytheistic religion. The notion of Buddhism being atheistic is found only among those who use Buddhism as a polemic against Christianity.

  2. Buddhism emphasizes the spirituality side of it. Giant invisible magic being belief is more a personal thing in Buddhism. It is an offshoot of Hinduism that has thousands of gods, so you can forget the notion that it has anything to do with the pagan Hebrew pantheon of gods, El of the Elohim.
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  3. The majority don’t believe in deities, although some forms of Buddhism have incorporated elements of indigenous religions into them when they’ve spread to other countries, these forms pray to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
    The people that they pray to are people that have attained enlightenment or voluntarily put off enlightenment in order to help others, but none of them are considered gods,
    The ones that don’t tend not to pray to anyone, they meditate and/or they repeat mantras but these aren’t directed at or addressed to anyone. Also you can’t really go to or be in Nirvana, it’s not a place like the Christian concept of heaven, rather it’s a state of permanent non-existence, you attain Nirvana when you break free of the cycle of reincarnation.

  4. The deities in buddhism are just sentient beings like humans. They will eventually die.
    Buddhist don’t pray to Gautama.
    He is dead.

  5. The Dalay Lama himself said in a speach that it is very hard for Buddhists to immagine something like a god, since they don’t have gods in their religion. Some Buddhists are praying to Buddha.
    But in the Tibetian mythology are many mythical creatures, like Dakinis. Another tibetian religion (the bon-religion) includes a god called Bonpos.

  6. Does the Dalai Lama deny the existence of Deities ?
    Not if he can get a Rolex watch out of it
    New Merc
    Increase in has kickback from the CIA
    New Apple Mac
    Or if it increases his sale of books Which are wrote by others
    Drinky poos at the White House
    While still remaining “A Simple Monk”
    He is a complete fraud who uses his position to keep the poor Tibetan People in check
    Do Buddhists believe in Gods ?
    Most believe in the God Realms
    but in a Creator God ?
    Lord Buddha was asked by Ven Anada directly Is there a Creator God and Lord Buddha gave no reply This is often termed “The Silence of The Buddha”
    It leaves it open for Practitioners to decide for Themselves in what to believe
    Some do believe in a Creator God Some don’t Others are undecided
    Whether there is or not We still have to make our way using our own efforts
    I happen to believe there is a Creator God but that is only a personal view Many other Buddhists may disagree with me but such is Buddhism We are at liberty to decide for ourselves

  7. Belief in a God is not part of Buddhist teaching as it is more a philosophy and approach to life and wisdom than it is a religion. Siddhattha (the personal name of Buddha) never claimed to be anything more than a human being and never denied the existence of a creator god and in all probability he would have believed in the the deities worshiped in the Hinduism in which he grew up, but less so their significance on the human condition. A single creator and all powerful god was a concept that he would have been unlikely to come across as he lived 500 years before Jesus and would have had to meet a Jew in India.
    While some say that the teaching of Buddhism regarding human mastery of destiny is incompatible with a Judaeo-Christian-Islamic god you will find buddhists who are theists, others who are atheists, and also many who are agnostics and regard it as a question that cannot be answered and there no point trying to.
    The current Dali Lama’s own view in a recent interview was : Why did the Buddha not say anything about God? Because he talked about the law of causality. Once you accept the law of cause and effect, the implication is that there is no ‘creator’. If the Buddha accepted the concept of a creator, he would not have been silent; everything would have been God! .


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