Home Discussion Forum Are the Abilitys represented in the anime show Dragon ball Z possible?

Are the Abilitys represented in the anime show Dragon ball Z possible?

i think they might be because the Kamehameha is the same principals as a PSI ball and the charging up flameing aura is the same as an Aura
Where ancient chinese and japanese and asia able to do these things once?


  1. Well it’s a common belief in eastern culture, the concept of chi or Ki which is supose to be an “aura” of life force energy that surrounds all living things. There are said to be focal points on the body known as chakras where this energy collects or stems from. Although western science, dismisses the existence of ki. The manipulation of ki is wildy used in Asia in various ways like acupuncture for example, uses the needles as a way of changing the flow of you ki or chi, to try to balance it once again, because it’s believed that disbalance of ki is what causes certain sicknesses or atleast makes you more suseptable. Also there is what is known as “reiki” which is supose to be a way of using your ki to heal someone else (kind of like Dende healing the z fighters lol)……..Last but not least martial artist train on focusing their ki as well as their physical bodies to increase the strength of their hits. Their are some legends of peopel being so incontrol of their ki that they can use it to levitate themselves off the ground by pushing it down, but it’s never been proven or documented……so basically what you see the z fighters doing in dragonball Z is a VERY exagerated fantasy about what people can do with ki, but has SOME very small basis in reality. Just don’t hold your breath if you’re thinking about learning how to fly or throw energy balls lol.


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