Are tarot cards real do they really work?






i had tarrot cards read for me once and it predicted the past right about a ex relationship lost but can it really tell the future?


  1. Yes, but it’s far more complicated than that. Email me sometime if you want to learn more about them. I could fill a book with all the information you would need to truly understand how tarot works.

  2. Tarot cards are just that, cards. It is the reader who determines how they are read. I have read for a friend and it turned out to be right, but I am not right all the time. They are not dangerous, unless some one is out to get you and they tell you something bad is going to happen. Then you worry about it and it interferes with your life.

  3. Dear Michael M:
    No, tarot cards are not able to tell your future let alone anything else. It is all done by the individual interpreting the cards for you.
    It is very difficult to meet a true Psychic who is a Clairvoyant and/or Clairiaudient. If you do to speak to one is very expensive.
    You are just better off to stop having anxiety over your future and do the best you are able each and every day.
    I would suggest to you to Google, “True Letter of Jesus Christ”.
    If it is not of God it is of something else.

  4. Yes, tarot cards are indeed real. You can see them, you can touch them, and sometimes you can smell them and taste them. They are as real as any other deck of cards.
    It depends on what you mean by “work”. Tarot cards work for me by reminding me of different prespectives to look at problems. Tarot cards do not work for me in telling my future.

  5. I love my tarot deck. I give readings for people but only for free. Everyone seems to like the reading I give, even if they are bad, they are right. I ask God to bless the deck and to give me answers through it. I only ask that good things answer me. If God can talk to people, why can’t he do it through a deck of cards?

  6. Stay away from them and Ouija boards. They are open invitations for forces of the evil or dark side to control or influence. Tarot cards are of the occult. You don’t want that influence.
    Satan is very real. His legions are very real. His hatred of mankind is very real.

  7. yes, they work but not everyone can read them. it’s also up to the individual to truly determine what they are saying, so one reader may read a card slightly differently that another reader. and yes, they can predict the future (if you have a good reader). if you would like details on how they predicted my future, message me I had someone read mine 11 years ago and it was dead on…2 predictions and they came to pass over the course of 7 years. (and not thinks like ‘you’ll get married one day’ or ‘you’ll find a job’)
    Thank you, Christian M, you have nailed it. you see, many of us…especially those of us who practice the Pagan religions AREN”T bound by ego and mind. We have learned to free ourselves, and thus have access to that realm. We experience the Divine. We KNOW the Divine. We know that we don’t need to remain bound simply because someone says we should. Open your mind, free your soul. you’ll feel so much better 🙂

  8. There are indeed subtle realms that can be known and experienced but spiritual teachers and God Himself have said not to go there. It is not for us to get bound by the subtle realms of the creation while we are still bound by ego/mind. The purpose of the creation is to overcome the delusion of its separateness and awaken in the realization of the One, God, that has become all of this.
    The occult is real but it is not the place to play for a bound soul. And we are all bound by ego and mind. That is what this realm of existence is. And freeing our awareness is the job at hand here not becoming more deeply bound.

  9. Yes but we all have free will so if you are told things about yourself, there is a good chance you can change the reading by changing your choices.
    Actually that is the basic reason to have a reading. When you know something is going to happen, you have the opportunity to change it.That will include leaving a relationship that is going nowhere or if the person is not sincere etc.

  10. Yes, tarot cards are real and they can indicate a future possibility of a situation if you are sincere about using them or getting an answer. However, if you are just goofing off or are otherwise abusing them, then it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get anything constructive out of the experience. Anyone can learn to read the tarot if they have an open mind and are willing to take the time to learn how.
    Joy to you,
    Maralee Fox-Heins

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