Are tarot cards reading against other religion?

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I want a set of tarot cards to learn how to read and use them, but i’m wondering is it against other religion like Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism to use it. Is it against god to use tarot cards and is it sinful?

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If God is real, he is laughing at you right now.


I know it is against Christianity to use tarot cards. I wouldn’t know about Buddhism or Hindu, but I’ve asked several pastors this same question and they all told me it was against the Bible.


according to christianity yes but I don’t about hinduism or buddhism .. I am not sure if they believe in this method but they will have another method for reading the future.


well in the christian bible it says it is


it is a form of fortune telling and is forbidden. it also shows a lack of faith. Walk by FAITH not by sight.


I am not a religious scholar, but I would be interested to see the exact chapter, book and verse makes reference to divination. Not some preacher’s broad interpretation that “this means divination” but actual words from the Bible. Once I have that, I’ll read it in context and see what I think. I’m sorry, I do not know enough about Buddhism or Hinduism to even guess what the religious position would be.
By the way, tarot is a tool for self-knowledge that has (for some reason) been burdened with all kinds of false negative associations. If you are interested, you should be able to proceed with learning about them (I don’t think you would be condemned to the fires for just reading about it?) by going to and reading what you find there. It is a lot of work to do well and you may find you aren’t interested. But at least you will be more educated about what tarot is.

Moon Masque Mystic

In regard to the Christian religion, the first detailed reference accusing the Tarot of being connected to evil is found in a sermon given by a Franciscan friar in Italy between 1450 and 1480 AD. In the friar’s sermon, the ‘devil’ was credited as creating and naming the Tarot Trumps, thus labeling the Tarot a ‘tool of the devil’ in Victorian Christian history. However, the friar’s negativity toward the Tarot was not in response to the Tarot being used for divination, for during this time period the Tarot was utilized for gaming and gambling.
Despite numerous references in the Christian Bible of divination being applied by early Christians, many Christians today are still largely uncomfortable with the use of divination. This may be due to a verse found in the King James version of Leviticus 19:26, which states, “Do not practice divination or sorcery.” Interestingly enough this same book also warns against trimming a man’s beard.
As with any tool I believe the Tarot is only as good or bad as the person using it. When utilized responsibly the Tarot can be a wonderful gift for helping us better understand our lives and the world around us.


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