Sunday, September 26, 2021

Are subliminal messages really effective?

Is it really possible to send messages to our subconscious mind?


  1. I believe so with everything in me and here’s why: when I was about 12, there was this song that I loved so much, but I didn’t know the words to it. I only knew a part of a verse or two. I wanted so badly to know the words to that song. One night I spent the night at my best friends house and I told her about wanting to know those words really bad and I asked her if she knew them. She only knew some as well. So, I went to sleep. I dreamt that I was singing that song. I knew every word in my dream!!! I just kept singing it and singing it, until I woke up. I was so excited as I awoke and realized that I still remember the words that I sang in the dream. So I woke my friend up and sang it to her!!! Word for word and every word was correct!!!!
    Now, if thats not subliminal…. I don’t know what is!
    By the way, I still know every word, since that very day, and I am now 45 years old!!! That song was, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

  2. So do you ask yourself this question
    Every night?
    No need to worry about subliminal messages they
    Do not work. At least not on
    Me. You know what I’m saying?
    Even though you might struggle with it
    Often learn to say
    No. Repeat this “I can be better than all. I am an
    Educated man.” Think positive, I will
    Merely try by best to convince you, to
    Inform you.
    Look at my message. You shall see the truth.
    Lastly imagine yourself
    In a big huge boat, out in the
    Nobody to worry about not even hidden messages in responses.
    Does it look like you have
    Overcome your question?
    Look closely, look
    Like you have never looked before
    Analyze the situtation and
    Remember what you

  3. I think so, but not exactly sub-liminal. If the stimulus is beyond your physical ability to percieve, how could you percieve it? What I think it’s closer to is being effected by something that being percieved clearly, but not paid attention to. For instance, seeing a blurry image as a whole instead of as a picture of something specific, and later being able to recall what that image was. For me i’ve seen it happen subconciously still, as i recalled it. I called my cat a “little monster running around my house.” See r.e.m.’s monster album cover. I think that might explain your situation as well.

  4. no; a psychologist lied about the results of an experiment to cause a public outcry; other experiments confirmed the invalidity of his initial claims


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