Are spiritual world and physical worlds interconnected?






I hear all the religion preach against greed and materiality. Meanwhile most the problems in the world is a direct result of mans actions or what most label sins. I see the problems in the external reality as only a reflection of our collective Internal pollution. There is plenty to feed the world over many times, the problem is some feel that they rather have millions, if not billions, more than they need and spend it on material desires, while millions starve. This is greed. All the pollution water and air is not necessary, we are caught up in this game that we have been conditioned to believe since birth. The richest people on earth are steering the direction of the world. Once you get on top you get to make the rules. There is a reason why America and the west are the richest places on earth, just look at history over the last few 100 years. Do we have a choice between heaven and hell? What kind of existence are we heading towards now? If your ego were to die tomorrow, would you have helped make this world better?


  1. sometimes…..God does send angels to baptized ppl for protection…
    real believers are born again….yes theres a choice if you repent..
    yes 3 ppl have converted thru me..

  2. Yes, man choices are the main root of many of society ills. Too many people are locked in to make any real change. Sheeeeeeeep. Were Sheeeeep

  3. I salute your thoughts Meera Patel Ji.
    Just for discussion sake, let us see what is the root cause of all these chaos around us? All religious books and leaders preach good things and all the followers listen them and travel in opposite directions. But why?
    Whatever man touches, it turns to be problem to him. For example, love, religion, God, society, friendship, patriotism, family, education, like this anything.
    We fight to win in love, religion, God, society, friendship, patriotism, family, education. Are not we? Why?
    From pre-KG we want our kid to compete and win in all against his mates. Are not we? Why?
    How to correct this behavior? First of all why do we behave like this?
    How to clean our collective internal pollution?
    I am lost. Any body can help?

  4. You are right with your observation.
    What we see in the external physical life is just an expression of our internal problems.
    And what is this internal problem?
    It is the incorrect relationship in between us human beings.
    By now our evolution reached the stage, when the whole of humanity is global, interconnected and interdependent.
    We are a single living organism.
    But we still live as before, selfishly, only using the others to our own benefit.
    We must not make a mistake about it, it effects all of us, each human soul.
    We cannot correct this situation with external actions, we have to correct the internal problem first, by global education about our global nature, and what it means for our lives.
    After correcting the internality the external actions will follow suit.
    So if you would like to learn a path, that can give us the practical steps how to start this internal change, please follow this link:!%2BAnswers&utm_medium=forum&utm_content=text-link&utm_campaign=semester-winter-2008
    All the best.

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