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Are spiritual guides real or people make them up,and if they are real are they scary?

by Jumper45K:

I’m freaked out by any supernatural being,whether it’s an angle or demon,I think I have a negative energy and I get scared alot, specially at night time, When I hear a noise( dog barking/any sound at night) my mind quickly tell me it’s a demon and My heart beats quick, DO you think I have a negative energy? also last night I was watching video on on youtube- ENERGY HEALING Guided Meditation-

Most of the comment say they see their spiritual guide ( wolf,deer,native India.. etc), Let’s say I meditate would my spirit guide be something scary since I’m bombarded by negative thoughts?

please answer me in advance.

Answer by Caboose
None of that crap is real. Never believe what you see on youtube. Unless it’s from failblog.

Spiritual guides are either made up to take advantage of the gullible, or the result of dissociative identity disorder. The latter is less common.


  • i have no idea
    no one does
    except those who say they can talk to them, and those we are them

    sounds liek you have some anxiety issues,
    yes you will have and be giving off negative energy (if you beleive in that) because you are scared, because you are anxious
    think of the line “they can sence you rfear” from a dog or whatever
    the sence your pheromones, your ‘energy’
    because you are scared of them

    dealing with your anxiety issues wil probably help you with the energy issues

    your own thoughts may be affecting what your ‘spirit guid’ is saying yes

    we are like a computer, if you type something in, but the computer doesnt understand it, nor do you when it tries to relay it back to you or when you tryto learn something new

    your brain is the same thing, if you are giving off this energy and stress, you are recieving messages from the guide, but not understanding them because your brain is not able to

  • I can’t answer you in advance – lol.

    However, a spirit guide is supposed to be something you are comfortable, relaxed around, not scary. Would you take advice or help from a scary person? Of course not.

    You need to relax – the occurrence of demons is a lot lower than you believe. Honestly, that really is just a dog barking outside.

  • Don’t worry, spirit guides, demons, and angels aren’t real.

    Energy healing is VERY not real. That stuff is horrible – it may seem harmless, but lots of people try energy healing instead of real medical treatments and wind up with severe injury or death due to untreated illness.

    Try this: http://whatstheharm.net/energymedicine.html

  • No animal spirits are not scarey if they are yours but if you do not respect them then you will only chase them because they will run from you. Kharma has a lot to do with how satisfied your spirit is with you. If you are a morally bankrupt person then you will always be known as a shadowless soul.

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