Home Discussion Forum Are some people here part of a different higher consciousness?

Are some people here part of a different higher consciousness?

I imagine that we came from a collective consciousness but do we create new ones with shared experiences and magnetic implications of the spiritual. Do we go back to the orignal home with the same ones we came with? Also, is there some kind of quota? to be able to go back and form a new level with the myraid of consciousness’ that could never choose to be human again?
Just curious if anyone knows


  1. its all quite possible, a spiritualist minister told me im on my last incarnation, that im finishing up nine cycles of nine, that means this is my 81st life. no wonder im so tired. i dont want to come back thats for sure.

  2. I’m not sure if I completely understand your question, but I’ll try to answer. I don’t think we “go back” to the original “level,” but I imagine the collective unconscious (a la Carl Jung) as a kind of web, that gets stronger with those shared experiences. It’s part of the individuation process in which people become aware and comfortable with the total range of themselves. Have you studied Carl Jung at all?

  3. I do think that may well be the case.
    Each cell in the body functions as a member within the body, each with needs and duties. I could not say if each individual cell has a consciousness, but the collection of them has a consciousness.
    Now, we move up one level.
    Each person in the city functions as a member within the environment with needs and duties. I know each person has a consciousness, and he / she is also aware of the society as one entity. I suspect the city itself may have a super consciousness, but as individuals we may not be aware of it.
    And so on…
    Is this possible?

  4. Look at the facts. To be alive and consious, we must have breath and a body. The brain is our hardware and our mind is the software. We need breath because it’s our power source. We also need food, water, sunlight, etc. Once our body stops functioning, our mind cannot work. Would your software float somewhere else? Don’t worry though, all isn’t lost though! Supposably God has it all saved some copies on dvd so that you can get it back at resurrection day. In oder for it to work though, you need to get your dust and breath back plus put on immortality which was taken away at Eden. Supposably, satan has a copy so he can haunt you and pretend to be a dead loved one.


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