Are self help subliminal message programs dangerous for teenagers?

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HI, im a 14 year old who has downloaded a series of self help subliminal programs to boost confidence and break my social anxiety a little….hopefully. I have read that the use of these subliminal message programs for self help can be dangerous to teen minds as they are still developing. I am almost 15 if it makes a difference, but i want to know if it is safe for me to undertake the treatment from this subliminal message program. thanks, honest answers are appreciated

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Mike Gabai

Its time you start self medicating. Your self esteem issues will wash off as you down that bottle.


Subliminal messaging hasn’t been perfected yet.
You won’t do anything you didn’t already want to because of subliminal messages, that’s for sure.

Rebecca Doe

It is the subliminal that is dangerous. I’m not even sure subliminal messages work, but the fact that they are hidden sends up red flags. These messages might be telling you to murder your family, or become gay. You need to think for yourself, and not be programmed to think in the manner everyone else thinks you should.

Derpderp Dederp

there’s absolutely nothing wrong with programing yourself like a robot.
no jk you’re a freak

Fanny Headington

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Malcom Tessier

Hello all, great blog her. Keep up the good work. Very informative.


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