Are scrying [black mirrors] bad?






Scrying mirrors [black mirrors] are a divination tools just like tarot cards, crystal balls and is used for personal guidance, prophecy, revelation, or inspiration, or viewing into past lives, present, and future events.
Scrying (“seeing” or “peeping” or also known as the “magick mirror”) is a powerful metaphysical tool, though there is no definitive distinction between scrying and other aids to clairvoyance, augury, or divination, but roughly speaking, scrying depends on fancied impressions of visions in the medium of choice.
It can reveal to the user secret hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability and can act as a portal to other planes of existence in our universe.

One of its most famous known users was Nostradamus, who could tell by staring into the mirror events far into the future.
Scrying Mirror has some common rules to be followed..

  1. Keep a clean surface with alcohol and a soft cloth.
  2. Respect your mirros and never use it for anything but for Scrying
  3. Never allow anyone to look into its surface
  4. Scry at night, Scrying its more powerful during the full or new moon, depending on the operation.
  5. Extinguish all light sources except the candles or moonlight.
  6. Allow nothing to reflect in the mirror’s surface. It should appear as a dark tunnel or window.
  7. Keep a journal to record your experiences.


  1. It’s not the act that is bad, its your intent when doing it.
    For example, if you use it to peek at girls on the toilet.

  2. Let us assume that it actually worked. Which I do not believe. How would it be any worse than spying on someone with a remote camera.
    Which the government and or your local retailer don’t seem to have a problem with.
    Of course there are lots of people who’s criteria of bad will cover just about anything. If it does not violate your morals. Then have fun.
    Besides unless you go around telling people you are doing this; how would they know exactly?

  3. A scrying mirror is a tool, like a hammer. You can use a hammer constructively, as in to build a house, or destructively, as in to beat someone to death. The hammer is neither good nor bad, it is the intent of the user that is good or bad.
    Scrying mirrors are tools, neither good nor evil. How you use it will be good or evil, not the mirror itself.

  4. Sinnerstar is absolutely right. Scrying mirrors are not bad, and anyone who tells you that they are is uneducated and wrong. Scrying is a form of divination, and there are certain well known patriarchal religions in the world today that want people to believe that anyone using a form of divination is a devil worshipper. They’re very wrong. A scrying mirror is a tool, simple as that.

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