Are Sagittarius as Spiritual and Universal as Aquarians?





Its hard to explain. But I sense this great Spirituality coming from Saggitarians.
While I know Aquarians are very Spiritual since they think globally, are humanitarian, are eccentric, help everyone, are very creative, fight for humanitarian causes, want to help someone and be admired as a great person who made a unique contribution to the world, provide actual solutions to problems, are objective and unprejudice, emotionally cool, very very open minded, are unique, transcended the ego etc…
I can keep going on and on about Aquarian spirituality.
I sense great depth of Spirituality from Sagittarius, Aquarian Sextile sign on the more worldly half of the wheel. Because Aries is more on the personal half.
Sagittarius are seekers of truth. The arrow is their sign. They are optimistic. I find that spiritual as you can keep cool and see greatness in life. They are diplomatic and philosophical. When I see them I sense something spiritual about them.
Capps and Pisces in their own way. A more receptive than active way. But Aquas and Sags in their own way Spiritual.
What are Sagittarian Spirituality?
Lol everyone says aquarians aren’t spiritua. perhaps i am confusing spirituality with something? maybe philosophy?
because what i meant is like the seeking of universal truths and connection and helping people which i feel strongly in aquas, saggs, and libras. aquas have this understand of the big picture which makes themm spiritual by my definition. And being open minded and objective and all that jazz. but perhaps i am talking about something else?
Isabelle- Actually Aquas would provide creative solutions to help those out. I mean look at FDR. He has dozens of ideas for the New Deal. Some didn’t work. If they didn’t he tried a new idea. Aquarians might think even more about the cause. They see the big picture. they are unconventional and inventive.
Why thank you Isabelle. You get a thumbs up! 😀
Isabelle 2- Yes some are not. sun is in detriment in Aquarius. But a lot should be inventive still. I am. People just don’t see it. I don’t talk about my ideas much.
Master Shake- Actually I stated most facts about Aquarian characteristics. I didn’t lie. I asked because I wanted to learn more and to keep an open mind because if I don’t I might miss out on the truth.
I had many times witnessed myself to be sure that I knew something only to find out it was false. Being a talkative Aquarian it happened quite a few times. And there’s also those people who think they know everything but really do not. They are closed minded and I don’t want to be like that.
So I just want to keep an open mind and to learn more. Seems Aquarians aren’t spiritual here. Only sags and pisces are. I must be confusing it. AstroLady knows spirituality. I think she cna answer this best.
Lol Isabelle I gave you a thumbs up even though the reason for it was misinterprted. When you said “Its true aquarius” I thought you meant you agreed with my additional comments but that wasn’t it because later you wrote some aquarians arent creative at all. you meant what you previously said.
Isabell- Sigh. I said “I THINK AstroLady can answer this best.” Since I seen some of her questions and answers are spiritually connected. She is one of the most spiritual people on here. Saying I think and proving I know she is spiritual doesnt make me closed minded at all.
I’m really beginning to regret giving you a thumbs up. Not saying I will give a thumbs down, just maybe i shouldnt have at all.


  1. I have a sag moon and. My ex was a sun and moon Aquarius , he was deffo a humanitarian,spiritual no way,that was me … Did he understand the greater picture no,tho deffo loved ideas to some extent,but in a completely different way to me ..
    Many of my Aquarius friends are the most judgemental just don’t do it to them,I think actuallt they are a very basic sign,and if u want drama your not going to retrieve it from them,tho I am always told they are very or the most open minded ,I’m not entirely sure I’d agree with that statement ..unlike sagittarians ..think the most fascinating thing with Aquarians is the fact people say how unemotional the Suns are .. Disagree ,moon in Aquarius are the most detached I’d say..immaturity ,repression as children ,maybe but still.. I’d say they are humanitarians but their on terms or benefits come first With a Aquarius for 18 yrs and a close friend of 10,three other close friendships well as I have a lot of Uranus in side my chart as well as descendent ,I love sags thoughts not many dimensions of ideas .. Best friend a sag

  2. You are right, Aquarius, Sag is known (specially in Eastern Astrology, which is millions of years older then Western astrology) as a very religious and/or spiritual sign. That’s because of the planet Jupiter ruling it, which has these characteristics. Follow your intuition, you is right on da’ money! 🙂
    An FYI: The signs that are [officially] Universal, ie, with that “wordly, open, detached” feel to them are (the last 4):
    Sag, Cap, Aquar, & Pis.
    The Social ones are (“other” orientated, or learn from others): Scor, Libr, Virg, & Leo
    And the Personal ones are (“egocentric”, or learn from own self): Aries, Taur, Gem, Cancer.

  3. Ok, I’m sick of this website, but I guess I’ll answer one more question here. after this, i most likely wont be back.
    If you really thought that aquarians were spiritual and universal, y do you feel the need to inflate your sign’s characteristics in a false way, and try to debate it to everyone? If this was true to you, you wouldn’t need to continuously ask these types of questions, or feel the need to prove it to ppl, It would show throught your actions.
    No offense, but It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself of this more then anyone else, because you know that this is not true. Sagittarius is what you described above, but I have never seen all that for an aquarius … and I’m not debating you on it again. lol.
    cya im out

  4. Sag, being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of higher learning, expansion, and spiritual growth, should, in theory be guided by the same “higher purpose” vibes that you perceive in them…and I have met many who do follow that course.
    Of course, nothing in astrology negates the free will of humans, and thus, many choose to follow a lower course (ie.some of the more unsavory things that they do, like break hearts, chase skirts and talk about their stuff at the dinner table)…but they may still carry that aura with which Jupiter has blessed them…
    **Aquarius, being ruled by Uranus, isn’t normally associated with spirituality, but may have humanitarian leanings..Aquarius tries to consider the greater good, the best for all people, and is associated with INSPIRATION, the breath of fresh air that others need when things get stale…perhaps those who don’t appreciate inspiration are lacking it…**
    ***Mastr/Unknown….thx for the TD, btw…maybe time away will allow you to work a little on those “inter-person skills” you obviously lack…no big loss, really.***

  5. I think Sag look into many dimensions and are more flexible.
    Am not sure if Aquarians as a rule are THAT spiritual…….they are more “earthy” so to speak; more concerned with the here and now and politics, humanitarian subjects etc.
    Logic rules more with Aquarians.
    Inspiration is more the key with Sag.
    Sag tend to be more flexible and listen more. Aferall Aquarius is a fixed signs and some will not budge one iota from what they believe.
    There is good and bad in both..
    Aquarians can have a healthy dose of scepticism. Sag tends to follow and are easily gullible…….at first anyway.
    But I still think Sag (biased here) is a lot more open minded than Aqua.
    Both can be very idealistic in their own way.
    Aqua thinks the best for humanity can be found via so many means. more “intuitive” maybe and like to debunks utopic and unrealistic ideas..
    Gosh………could somebody carry on for me please ? now lol and add ?? the plusses/minusses etc…?
    Sag is about “seeking” and shooting arrows and explore many different ideas. And can snort about all the PC ness..
    lots of Aqua are so much into PC ness for me…….that they are blind to reality……they seek utopia but not that willing to listen to all parts…
    Now : shoot me !
    ex : Aqua is like all those programs on Tv :help Africa and this and that…humanitarian purposes. Good.
    Sag is more like : heck..hang on there……that has been how long now ?? 50 years or stg ? Shall we look at to WHY it still is not working shall we ?? Stating the truth and getting shot by it.
    It is true Aquarius !!! They can be awesome. It just seems to me that some of my best friends are Aquarians or worst enemies.. No in between. They can be so strong minded and independent………I envy them.. Some really ‘care’ for me in a kind of aloof way but still do. It is a sign which I find it difficult to understand..They are not sentimental or anything……but there for you.
    Nothing is that ever easy is it ?
    Aquarius is a mysterious sign to me……….
    edit : no Aqua..some are not INVENTIVE AT ALL.. it would be like a blanket statement..
    like saying all sagittarians are into sports.. – silly -..
    i have a very strong Uranus in my chart…… might be why I either get on with them or not all…… in between with me..
    do not know……..afterall Uranus……….the more you know about yourself is also about hearing what people thing about you no ?
    …and there could be some surprises !..
    Maybe the motto of aquarius could be ” AM IN LOVE WITH IDEAS”……….but not that connected with REALITY as such,…dunno..
    Thanks for the TDs anyway : who are you ???Care to say ? ad your point of view if you even have one that is ??
    Getting fed up with seeing some goddamn good people (not me) getting thumbs downs for no reason whatsoever.
    There you go Aquarius : you have made a statement about somebody you know nothing about……”Astrolady can answer it best because she is most spiritual”……how do you know ??? ( not putting the lady down whatsoever..)That is the problem I have with Aquarians…..close-mindedness about some matters. two swift.. buth heck that is a close minded statement of yours.
    Exactly why i do not get on with some Aquarius people..!:-)
    You are only spiritual on EARTH…………( idea of mine came through)……..- in generality speaking -..
    No problem with me ..I can talk all kind of gooo too..and tell all kind of really “spiritual” things if I want to.LOL…my strong neptune in my chart 🙂
    I can say all kinds just to please …
    am just a bit more in touch sometimes with reality…….i think anyway..
    now ..going to hug a tree……
    PS: that is the capricorn in me : sarcasm

    • Aquarius ALSO never JUDGE a book by it cover we choose to sit and smile while blab on you do not get along with us because you dont get us alot of people dont i am a Aquarius and i never! put my self before others its silly really. my partner of 10 years is a sag and we have 4 children 2 of the aqua like me 1 a sag the other aries and we all get along very very well and we have *fun*
      now am going to find someone to used for my benfit only…
      ps Aquarius also has sarcasm…..

  6. I agree with whoever said that Sagittarians are indeed spiritually oriented. In fact more than any other sign I am aware of.
    They are not selfish or looking for publicity, but they do it because of a deep need to help others and humanity, unlike Aquarius ( please don’t hate me ), who may also care about others deeply but also they have their best self-interests in the back of their minds. Clever? maybe, but not entirely honest about their innermost motives . . !

  7. Aquarius are global thinkers but not in a spiritual manner. They mind is in the future and they sort of don’t like old-fashion ideas.
    Uranus is the ruler and it brings innovation and originalily to Aquarius,
    As for Jupiter, which is the planet that strongly influences priesthood and sisterhood, is the planet of higher education but needs a good aspect from Neptune to make it more idealistic and spiritually involved through the 9th house.
    As for the arrow on the Sagittarius, it is only after leaving the animal part of its sign, the horse, that they can start shooting arrows to attain their aspirations.

  8. I know Sagittariuses are better than Aquarians. They’re trust-worthy, honest, and VERY NICE to their peers and friends. They try not to be the cause of someone’s pain. I’m a Virgo and very analytical. This is what I can tell you from my analysis.

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