are psychic powers the same thing as wicca powers?





i have been hearing, ppl say on here, that wiccas meditate and stuff, and that they use their mind, to make things happen and stuff besides their herbs. but i was wondering then how different are they, if they do some of the same things?
and plz only ppl who know what i am talking about.


  1. The most concise and true answer on here has come from TheUrbanPagan!
    Being psychic focuses on being in tune with the “Minds Eye” or “Third Eye” to allow one’s physical senses to be more in tune with the universe around them. Some well developed psychic abilities allow contact to the spirit world, but only as a medium. Some psychic abilities can be developed to allow more than just using the senses to make contact with the spirit world and doing readings of the world surrounding, it can allow one to be able to read minds and move things with their minds. But its not magic.
    Being a Wiccan allows one to access magic with the use of the mind, the heart and other natural tools. One does not have to be born into a Wiccan bloodline to practice, as that was so poorly stated in a previous comment. There are many Wiccan’s who have come into the practice at some point with no family history of it. It does not require one to have to access the spirit world. Witchcraft has many different paths and being a Wiccan allows access to one of them. Being in tune with nature is key.
    With that being said, both Psychic Abilities and Wiccan Magic are similar but different. Psychic abilities requires strong understanding of the mind and Wiccan magic requires a strong understanding of nature. They both require a pure heart and should be practiced with pure heart and positive intentions. Karma is serious and the development of both with bad intentions enables Karma to return with greater consequences more severe than it would someone who does not practice and who has no belief or knowledge of the many outcomes of messing with fate.
    Happy practicing if you are planning to take either or both routes! Remember to have a pure heart when doing both.

  2. Very few people use the term “Wicca Powers”, as I’m sure you could tell from several of the answers above. If you’re asking if Magic Powers and Psychic Powers are the same, the answer is “Yes and No”.
    Both are powers of the mind, but psychic power is usually a part of magic power. In Magic, you use your mind, in addition to tools, to enhance that power. Psychic Power is the power of the mind, and sometimes all you need for magic. The difference is Magic can also draw on ritual, crystal, color, herbal, and dozens of other types of power to enhance and “fine tune” the mental energy.

  3. Wiccans do not have special powers at all, so the simple answer would be no. However, your description of what you call Wiccan practice is actually witchcraft, and not Wicca. Wicca is a religion about honoring our Lord and Lady, not about using magic. Except for meditation, non-witch Wiccans do not do any of that stuff, and meditation is something that people of many different religions or of no religion at all practice; it’s relaxing. However, even if you substitute witch for every usage of Wicca in you question, the answer is still no. Psychic abilities are things that a person is either born with or not. They involve a supernatural element that, believe it or not, is not really present in witchcraft. Witchcraft is something you learn and choose to do. Any human willing to learn can practice witchcraft, but no witch will ever develop special “powers”. Witches use a power that is present in every human to cast spells: our will. We direct energy with our will to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. We cannot break the natural laws of the universe like gravity or free will, and therefore our magic is not supernatural, but in fact natural. We cannot levitate objects, read minds (at least outside of reading expressions and social cues), and we cannot bend another person to our will. Those with heightened psychic abilities may choose to become witches, but not all do, and those who do not make the choice to practice witchcraft are not witches just as those born without heightened psychic abilities are not psychics. I hope that clarifies things a little.
    Venus Bless

  4. no because anyone can develop psychic powers but wicca blood has to run in the family you cannot just become a wiccan you have to have the blood in your vains

  5. Thre are no such things as “Wicca powers.” Wicca is a religion. Being Wiccan does not allow one do “make things happen” with their mind anymore than anyone else can.

  6. Wicca is a religion about honoring the gods of old, celebrating the seasons and Sabbats, and living an ethical lifestyle.
    There is no “religion of psychic”.
    Wiccans have no “powers” that are different from what any other human has the ability for. We all have some inherent psychic abilities – some folks (not only Wiccans) hone them and utilize them, others do not.
    Meditation is not inherent to or exclusive to Wicca – many people meditate simply to relieve stress.
    Meditation is a key factor in learning magical practices, because working magic requires a focused mind, and mastering meditation helps one to gain control of their thoughts and be able to focus them on specific things. (Unless we consciously grab control of them and focus them on one goal, sometime our thoughts are all over the place – like right now, I’m answering your question but at the same time, I’m also thinking about when I’ll go grab some lunch and what I’ll have, how dang noisy the road construction is that’s going on out in front of my building right now, and thinking of spending the afternoon finishing up a project I’m currently working on.)
    A magical practice can be combined with the practice of Wicca, but is not required.
    We all make stuff happen with our minds dear, including you. Without your mind, you would not have been able to type this question. But the mind is a very powerful tool that many folks don’t use to its full potential. As a very basic example of how magic works, if you consistently think yourself sick, even if you have no illness within you, but you very strongly believe you are sick, you can manifest physical symptoms in your body that would mimic those of the illness you believe to have.
    Some folks, those who practice magic and energy healing and the like, work on mind development and utilizing the way the mind can work to manifest change. Anybody, with enough study and dedication, could learn these types of practices.

  7. If you’re speaking about them as a social phenomenon, then I think the differences are that psychics are ‘paranormal’ whereas wicca is ‘magical.’ Think of psychics like X-Files and wicca as Harry Potter. Paranormal and magical imply similar but different things.
    Now, if you’re asking about them as physical phenomenon, they’re exactly the same in that neither are any more real than the X-Files or Harry Potter. In the words of Tim Minchin ‘These people aren’t plying a skill, they’re either lying or mentally ill.’ If you disagree, James Randi has a million dollars for you if you can prove me wrong. Also, whining about people not believing what they can’t see is just a way to make up for the complete lack of evidence. People believe in all sorts of unseeable things (dark matter, black holes, and other aspects of physical cosmology come to mind), I think if you could cast a spell with measurable effects that would turn some heads. You would be very famous, and very rich. But unfortunately, much as I wish Harry Potter were real, people can’t cast spells, they don’t have super powers, and thinking that people are closed minded for being skeptical of such claims is as nonsensical as criticizing someone for not believing that you’ve got an invisible pink unicorn or an invisible dragon in your garage.

  8. Psychic and magical powers are the same, in that they come from the same source – Nature – but the *ends* are different and the experience is very different.
    Psychic powers are natural abilities (or potential abilities) which most people are unaware they have access to. We live in a world in which by and large people take a materialistic viewpoint on everything. A materialistic world condemns psychic and magical powers as illusory, while those who feel they may exist see them as supernatural. In fact, they are natural – we are just unaware of our true nature and not realising our potential.
    Magical powers are exercised by and large by Witches. OK, many Wiccans are also Witches, but not all Witches are Wiccan and not all Wiccans are Witches.
    Magical powers are exercised deliberately, within a methodological framework, and with a specific end in mind. Psychic powers on the other hand are often exercised involuntarily and without a specific reason – the person experiencing the phenomena may be merely a receptor and not in control of the power. A Witch remains in control.

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