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Are psychic powers and witchcraft the same thing?

Is it a sin to attempt to gain psychic powers? Are they the same thing as witchcraft? Will one who practices/attempts psychic feats be condemned to hell?

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  1. youre going to hell anyway, so go around and pretend that youre a psychic all you want, go RP with all your wiccan little heathen friends D:<

  2. I am a christian, and just to give you the biblical perspective on that; in short words, it depends.
    to explain, no, they are two different things. yes, I believe it is a sin to attempt to gain psychic powers, unless you were just praying for psychic powers and wanted them only if it was God’s will to grant them to you, but I think there are more “efficient” things to pray for. Things like, for God to help you to go down the path he wants you to go down, and things like that.
    no, psychic powers and witchcraft are totally different. Witchcraft obviously being akin to satanic worship. Psychic powers are just; psychic powers. I don’t know if they exist, but it’s not my place to say they don’t.
    And lastly; condemned to hell, it depends. If the psychic powers were granted by God and used to glorify him and his purposes, no. Obviously if not, if used not for Godly purposes but for worldly ones, yes, but not alone.
    ETA:Obviously, if you are not saved, you are condemned to hell anyway, and if you are saved, you are not condemned to hell, regardless.

    Some people are born with these “powers” that doesn’t mean they practise witch craft!
    NO! Hell is not a real place like fire and brimstone we are taught.

  4. No they’re not the same. And as for being a sin, it depends on your religion, To christians being born is a sin so i’d say yeah to them it would be a sin, in the old days they would have burnt you at the stake. Witchcraft, Wicca and pretty much all Pagan religions have no Devil or Satan, so therefore they cannot be worshipped. The are Nature based religions centering around the changing of seasons, the cycle of Life and Death and everything that is natural, no demon worship involved.
    Psychic powers on the other hand often referred to as ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) this involves things like Telepathy, Precognition, Empathy and a million other things, these “powers” are skills that people either have naturally or work very hard to gain through practise. I guess it depends on what you want and use the skills for as to if it is sinful or not.

  5. It’s true that some witches have psychic abilities. Then again, people who aren’t witches may have them too. Witchcraft is a practice that covers many different fields of study with healing being right near the top of the list. Please take the time to learn what witchcraft is before viewing it as “sinful”. Speaking of condemnation. If you were given a gift of the psychic variety, I believe it would be more of a sin to waste it.

  6. Everyone has some psychic abilities, you can’t gain them, only improve the ones you have. Witchcraft, Wicca, and other Pagan practices do not involve Satanic rites. None of the above are sinful in any way.
    Now to worship Satan, or practice what some call the dark arts, if you are a Christian would be a sin.
    Now if anything you do harms another or some other being, that is a negative to man’s laws as well as universal laws of Karma. Remember whatever you do good or bad, can come back to you 10 fold.

  7. It is not a sin to attempt to gain them as all people have them to some extent. They are in no way sinful. Don’t listen to all the fundies. They think everything is a sin. Witchcraft is totally different they psychic
    powers. Witchcraft it self is not sinful either. God is not as petty as alot of foolish uniformed people would have you believe.
    God Bless

  8. No, they are not.
    One is an ability, the other is a view of existence.
    No, it is not a sin to gain psychic powers.
    No, it is not the same as witchcraft.
    No, one who attempts psychic feats will not be condemned to hell.

  9. Psychic powers and witchcraft are two different things.
    Attempting to get psychic powers is wrong, you either have the gift or you don’t, if you don’t deal with it.
    Attempting to get them, but medalling in witchcraft can have serious consiquences, ones that you’re definitely not prepared for. Because it could get you into a Hell.

  10. “Psychic powers” are just the current name for people who are really good at following their gut instincts.
    We all have an animal side to us, and it can be helpful or harmful.
    Depends on what you use it for.
    If you use your instincts and intuition to be the best person you can be, to experience the best life you can, and to help other folks out once in a while, how can that send you to hell?
    If you’re sacrificing babies and burning effigies, that’s another matter.
    Then you’re just a weird little goth kid. 🙂
    But no, seriously, it’s just part of the hard-wiring in the brains that God gave us, and it’s perfectly fine to exercise them.
    A few hundred years ago, people thought that anyone that preached a round world, or against bloodletting or leeches as medical practice was engaging in witchcraft. People got killed for it.
    There’s always going to be paranoia about things that are new and scary.
    Follow your own gut — if it feels wrong, don’t do it.
    If it feels right and pure in your worldview, have a go.

  11. First of all I know one of you morons will report this response so get your hankies ready, I am gonna make you cry-whaaaaa.
    No it is not a ‘Sin’ because Sin is fiction as is the ‘God’ that opposes it.
    And there are no such things a psychic powers. Only people who are good at B.S.ing there way through.
    And witchcraft is as much fiction as Sin is.
    Utter nonsence.
    Wait……did my psycic powers prevail…….will this responce be reported…..Hmmm……..I wonder how long it will take……

  12. They are almost the same, but witchcraft is like cursing other people. Parapsychology is a discipline that seeks to investigate the existence and causes of psychic powers and life after death using the scientific method.

  13. no they are different but both sides will tell you that magic or psychic powers are natural and that we are born with them all humans have magic ad all humans have psychic powers and those who believe in the above will tell you that the the moder society has made us to forget them that is why we do not use them.i do not know if magic or psychic powers exist but i have to admit they are pretty cool and besides if you use them for good they are not a sin i know wiccans(witches) who use their knowledge to help people and want nothing in exchange but doctors(who represent science and logic) do not care about you unless you pay them so who is the bad guy here


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