Home Discussion Forum are psychic powers a bad portal? im catholic?

are psychic powers a bad portal? im catholic?

the teachings of the catechism say that psychic powers are portals of evil. I know those board thingies and asking spirits to enter u are but like i think i am clairvoyant and can sense spirits.
Is that bad? I only listen to god, I am very devout and faithful to god, and want to do what is right.
Also I can feel when my guardian angel touches me, I know god is with me.


  1. Psychic powers are not real. If they were, someone would’ve won the $1,000,000 dollar prize from the Amazing Randi. Most psychics are nothing more than good observers or make some stuff up from general statements.

  2. I wish that you would read about Mother Teresa because in messing with the invisible it is easy to be deceived

  3. It doesn’t sound like you need to worry about evil entering your life though supernatural portals. (It’s been my experience that most negative things in our lives have perfectly mundane explanations–although you’re right to avoid Ouija boards.)
    You have a gift. The only negative thing that can come of that is your causing yourself unnecessary distress by fearing it: no outside influence can take away your faith in God or compromise your moral values.
    (If it’s any reassurance, this kind of thing runs in my family: my mother is Christian, but can also sense spirits and occasionally has prophetic dreams. These abilities haven’t harmed her in any way, and have in fact been a source of reassurance to her in difficult times.)


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