Are psychiatrists more likely to have mental issues themselves?

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I heard somewhere that the reason a lot of people become psychiatrists is because they secretly want to diagnose their own mental problems and help other people with similar issues. Can this be true or is it just a myth?

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Mrs. O'Toole

Yes. There is research to support this. Not just psychiatrists, but all mental health professionals.

geyamala గేయమాల

yes it is possible in the case of burnt out psychiatrists.
one army psychiatrist hasan killed 13 soldiers at Texas army base.;_ylt=AlXA4KmqxrmsaaF_z_YPQ1Xsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091106102223AAYFwR1


I can see where it would lead to fatigue and break down- especially when it involves the Military . I am a widow of a Veteran and know from experience the problems many mental health Professionals face in the Military .


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