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Are popular monotheistic religions just distractions to prevent us from having spiritual enlightenment?

If there are supernatural forces, it seems unproductive to waste time on a religion that tells you what to think instead of providing the tools for enlightenment for you to use yourself.


  • There is a lot of truth in what you are saying.
    We need a practical scientific method for the attainment of the total, yet hidden reality instead of baseless faith or belief. Religions provided us with a transition until we have become ready for the practical revelation, which time is now.
    I hope the short articles below you will find helpful:
    All the best.

  • Be remembered to this, “be harmless as a dove”, the spirit will guide you and you into light, not to lay blame to this or that, it drags you down so you can not flourish, so if you are just finding light, did it not come from the writings also, should he care less of them than he does you, do you think that this could be a lesson to all of mankind, since it says, every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess, be not a spiritual being hampered by your own convictions of others, they will come to the light of all things when their eyes are opened, not by beating them down, but by lifting them into truth, let them be as they be, and you strife to be brighter in unity, all will be held in accout of their own burden, the words that come from their Heart, be alive, be free, but why would you try and throw them into a prison ? Are you trying to accuse ? This that is done wastes very valuable time, do you sit in on Gods court of law ? Who told you the water was water before you knew it was water ? Be very careful of this, “you are” or “are you” “you will” or “will you”, the testimonies of mankind are of value, but the words that come from our Hearts are our burden, each and every one of us, us is united, LOL, “”you knighted””, do you want to be knighted to the round table that stands below the A.

  • The teachings themselves are the means to enlightenment when approached and applied properly. Self-arrogated clergy or the followers can twist and pervert just about anything they get their hands on, but it doesn’t make the original thing they twisted or perverted wrong.

  • super natural itself does’nt make any sense. i think something we created of our own. There is not any proof from the Book of God for something to be other than natural.


  • I’d not say distractions…everything happens for a reason to bring us to where we are today. The key for those on the path to spiritual enlightenment is to understand we must allow those in organized monotheistic religions to have their way as we travel our road to enlightenment and higher vibrational energies.

  • I feel the spirit of God every time I go to church. So many questions and all the answers are just one click away!!! (below)

  • Organized religion in general is just a tool to keep people under control basically. Instead of allowing people to come to their own choices about morality and good vs evil and right and wrong, it influences people decisions and gives them a twisted convoluted moral code to live by, which they rarely can by the way ensuring a lifetime of misery because you aren’t dependent on yourself for fulfillment.

  • I think that’s the problem with a l ot of religions is that they tell you what to believe and that it’s a “sin” to believe in any God other than their’s. Believe what you want

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