Are phone company's using their networks to suppress the development of telepathy?

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Matt M


Gary H

No, development of human telepathy is suppressed by John McCain and the Pope. Eliminate those two guys and sell all your telecom stocks because phones will be obsolete.
There are still many things we do not understand about human communication. We know some of it happens by pheromones, some by the tiniest of facial expressions, some by body language, and there may be other “extra sensory” methods (or sensed by behaviors we don’t even know we are making or observing). Chances are pretty good that phone technology has nothing to do with it.


check ur IQ first…u may as well say that Television channels are restricting “transportation”……i have an idea y don’t u stop using phone and ur family to do the same and then may be u can develop those ‘skills” and may be CEO of telepathy Inc….


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