are old people mean,because theyre about to die?

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iam just saying theyre dying so they decide to harass young kids. ive seen it. an old hag harrasing people on the roadway. theyre supposed to be nice,but theyre really pissed that theyre dying.

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some are nice, and some just think we youngsters have no manners these days, we cant do anything right and blah blah blah….


wtf lol..thets just….idk


we’re all about to die
the time left doesn’t make much of a difference


You will understand your question sooner than you think! It’s frustrating to us, to see you make bad decisions that will affect the rest of your lives, because, we love you. We understand, that it’s your right to learn as we did. We just trying to save you a little grief. Just remember, your physical brain size hasn’t reach it’s adult size until your around 20.


they think (and probably are) wiser than us youngsters. they’ve lived through harsher times than us so they probably want us to just shut up and quit complaining about petty things.
as for the ‘about to die’ part.
potentially we are all about to die. you could walk outside right now and be hit by a bus. i think the about to die part hasnt got much to do with it.– were all dying. not just the oldies.


They mainly don’t like smartazz punks phucking with them.


Hahahahaha! You’re question severely entertained me…I just had to answer it, lol
Working as a waitress, I’ve learned that old people are usually two extremes (not always, but in most cases):
Old people are either quite cantankerous, or very jolly and nice. My WORST customers are these 2 elderly ladies; I just can’t do anything right for them. Even when I DO everything they ask, they always seem to complain about something! And yet, they are there EVERY morning to harass me, lol.
However, there is this really really old guy that just LOVES to pick on me (But in a good way). He always has a smile on his face, and jokes with me about everything. He will do something like drop his silver-wear and wait for me to come over so that he can talk to me, lol. He always tips well, and just makes my job a riot.
So, I think that some old people are cranky because they can get away with it. They feel that they already retired and done their civil duties, so deserve to behave however terribly as they please. I think they’re just miserable with their own boring lives, and try to make other’s lives a living Hell because of it.
The nice old “grandpa and gramma” types are great. While the
cranky ones get on my nerves…but, at least I can find comfort in the fact they won’t be around much longer. lol, Cheers mate ^_^


ha ha ha thats funny good point though good point some old geizers are cranky but then again their patience has ran out


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