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Are NICK And SHARON Fated To Be Together …?

How many of you believe in reincarnation?
Is it possible that these two have shared past lives … that somehow, they keep living the ill-fated lovers throughout the centuries over, and over, and over again?
Could they be reincarnated from the likes of Antony and Cleopatra … Orpheus and Eurydice … Radames and Aida … Paris and Helen … Romeo and Juliet??
If they did a past-life regression on Nick and Sharon … what would they discover?
And most importantly … when will they finally get it right?
Will they break the cycle with a kiss?


  1. I would definitely like to see them back together. It seems that they always seem to “find” each other at the most random of moments and they seem to be really enjoying each other’s company while they are in Paris. Hopefully this time alone will convince them that they really are meant to be together.

  2. I’d like to see them together too. Jack just doesn’t seem like a match for Sharon & looks to be more w/Phyllis w/his schemeing ways. Sharon & Nick are meant to be together

  3. I would like them to be together because I think they deserve each other. And Phyllis needs a hot new man to help her get over Nick.

  4. I think they are meant to be together. I was happy at first when I knew Phyllis was going to see them kiss but when I saw her face I couldn’t help but feel kind of sorry for her she was so hurt by that.

  5. TG, TG, TG finally a group of contacts that want to see my two fave ppl back together, Finally NO TROLLS hating on the couple, YESSSSS!
    LOL, anyway Jewels, i do think that those two really belong together, and i do hope that they find their way back together.
    I have heard alot of bashing of Nick and Sharon just yesterday when i posted a Q about them, to the point that the trolls got my Q deleted, lol.Just gotta love em” huh, lol!

  6. I would like to see them back together.
    I like your past life stuff. Maybe thery were Arthur and Guinevere, fated to turn to others even though they really loved each other. Or maybe Lancelot and Guinevere, fated to love each other but spend time apart b/c of what they did to Arthur?

  7. I completely agree with Carla J, i love those two together, i think they were destined to be together, prolly a Romeo and Juliet in the making again, lol!
    Hey Carla girl, i did notice your Q got deleted, Trolls on the alert huh, lol.
    After all i answered ur Q, and when i went to view it again, i saw that it was deleted, well u know girl, there will always be the haters!!

  8. I love love love Sharon and Nick together, i just don’t see them well with any other, u know.
    I hope they get back together soon, as they were meant to be together!

  9. Me 2 , i love Sharon and Nick together, i actually cannot wait until they bring those two back together.
    As for Carla J, i feel bad about all that was going on yesterday girl, on your Q, all those haters hating the fact that we actually like a decent woman as Sharon, and Hate Phyllis lol.

  10. idk but they make an awesome couple! I hope they get back together soon. They’re just so good together. They just make sense 🙂

  11. I hope they do get back together, i think Phyllis should be with Jack. I love Nick and Sharon together, they make a great couple.


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