Are Near Death Experiences Real?

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Do near death experiences awaken the mind? Some people witness those in the waiting room, viewing from above the room they almost die in and seeing people from their past that went before them. Others have near death experiences that involve light and a loving beautiful feeling surrounding them. Some near death experiences are not so pleasant. They include demons, horrible visions and a painful experience. Everyone that has a near death experience, however, has one thing in common. It changes his or her life.

Several of the near death experiences actually cured the victims. In one instance, Ralph Duncan, a patient that died of leukemia saw Jesus. Jesus told him he was cured and he returned from the clutches of death. According to Dr. Ken Ring who documented the experience, he was completely cancer free after that.

Another NDE, near death experience involved a woman that was 67, blind and with severe heart disease. Before the surgery, she experienced a being made of light and according to Dr. Ken Ring, the cardiologist could not explain how she was cured of all her diseases, but she was, including the congenital blindness.

One patient wasn’t cured after a near death experience but came back with a huge amount of astrophysical and biophotonic and quantum biological information. Mellon-Thomas Benedict, the patient with the near death experience now holds six patents and some of the information he supplied helps explain black holes.

Dr. Charles Tart believes that consciousness is energy that exists by itself and can leave the body. He studied a subject, Miss Z, and put her into a room to monitor. He placed a five-digit number high on a paper high on a shelf with the number up. As she slept, she rose from her body and read the number, memorized it and repeated it to Tart when she awoke.

While there’s no one that has been able to repeat Tart’s experiment, Tart continues to study the phenomena. He doesn’t refute skeptics about NDEs but believes there is something to learn from those who experience the phenomena.

Charles Tart has done years of research on consciousness and believes that man is more than a physical body but depends on his consciousness to help direct him. Altered states of consciousness can include dreaming according to Tart. He has made great strides in connecting the unknown, once thought of as fringe areas, to the scientific knowledge of today.

Tart has spent over fifty years at the most prominent of universities proving that the spiritual world exists. He maintains that all humans have a spiritual side with natural abilities in these areas. Part of his work with the near death experiences confirmed that work.

If Tart is correct, with practice and patience, anyone can learn to communicate with their spiritual nature and master those forces. It simply takes belief and practice.

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“Conrad Raw is an expert on practical techniques for personal and spiritual development. He is a bestselling co-author with Wayne Dyer and Brian Tracy and is the author of “The Zensation Manual: Forbidden Secrets of Personal and Spiritual Development”. out of body experiences Visit his website to get your free video course on how to activate your true potential. meditation course

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