Are my charka awakening and could that be the cause of my recent change mental process?

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Are my charka awakening and could that be the cause of my recent change mental process?
In the last 13 months I’ve started becoming more aware of the universe around me and what it really is. These past months have been ones of seemingly spiritual growth. I am becoming more and more excepting and understanding of people. I have also been using things like hypnosis’ audio sessions and meditation binaural beats, nothing with the given intention of opening charkas. At the same time I have become very unsure of myself, I feel as im trying to figure out who I want to be., I also have been experiencing intensified emotion, and in a roller coaster way. There is also a lot of change happening at once.
Also when smoke weed i get extremely paranoid, then I’m laughing. I also feel as if I’m delllusional, basically a lot of symptoms similar to psychosis. i been smoking weed for awhile and ive never had experiences this bad, except in the past months.
Could this imbalance be caused by the unintentional awakening of my charkas?

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dont talk about illegal drugs here…its off guidelines…there are no chakras….CHOOSE JESUS THE REAL DEAL

Phoenix Rising

There are no chakras. If you really want to know about the world around you, get out of your fantasy life and start actually learning something real. Fantasy can be fun, but you sound like you’ve permanently checked into la-la land. Balance and perspective are key.
Put down the pot. If you are smoking enough that you are moody and paranoid you’ve over done it. You haven’t awakened anything. If you stop smoking and still feel this way, see a doctor. Your weed could have been laced with something weird or if you are in your 20’s or late teens this could be the onset of a mental illness.


It sounds like you are having
Hallucinations, fom weed.
Meditation is a cleansing process,
weed brings abnormal thoughts and
all kinds, there is no Spiritual awakening here.
You’re getting high on a substance it’s not you.
Good and evil don’t mix my friend. You’re


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