Are Mind and Consciousness the same thing?

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And is there a correlation between the Soul & Consciousness?

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Paper Wings

Mind: you are responsible for it
Consciousness: your not really responsible for it. You really have no say in it

Love <3

The mind is the engine that radiates consciousness.
Basically, the mind refers to the organ ” Brain ” except its a more personalized term.


Are Mind and Consciousness the same thing?
~~~ YES!
There is only ‘one’!
And is there a correlation between the Soul & Consciousness?
~~~ Souls (Conscious Perspectives; us) are Conscious Perspectives of ‘Mind/Consciousness.
‘Self’ awareness!
Every Perspective is unique, by definition/nature.
The First Law of Soul Dynamics tells us that;
“For every Perspective, there is an equal and opposite Perspective!” – Book of Fudd
“The complete Universe (Truth/Reality/existence/Mind/God/Self) can be defined/described as the sum-total of all Perspectives!” – (op. cit.)

The Unknown

Hm, no.
Every human has the different mind.
But consciousness is felt the same by everyone (for those who can feel it). 🙂
BUT, there is a correlation, because those who don’t have mind, don’t have consciousness either. But also, if you feel consciousness, it doesn’t have to mean that you have mind.

Ardi Pithecus â„¢

Mind and consciousness begin at the same moment, because without consciousness the brain has no “mind”–it is just all brain, watching out for the organs of the body and making them work.
But the brain can’t make the mind ‘work’ because the ‘work’ of the mind is ‘consciousness’. Until the brain receives its first sensory inputs, which end in the neurology of the brain, nothing can be in consciousness. Consciousness is consciousness of ‘perceptions’ first, and then later of our own thoughts. When the neurology of the brain receives sensory input, unless and until it is recognized as “something exists of which I just received input”, then no mind yet exists.
Consciousness is consciousness of “something, anything.” It does not “radiate” as one answer says. Nihil est in intellectu quod non prius fuerit in sensu: (Lat.) Nothing is in the intellect which was not first in sense. All the materials, or content, of higher, intellectual cognition are derived from the activity of lower, sense cognition.
This means the mind (and the corresponding conscience or soul) are tabula rasa, until the brain recognizes a sensory input as “something exists”. Then and only then is there a mind within the brain, because the definition of mind is “that part of the organ of the brain that is consciousness” and “consciousness is consciousness of something, anything.”
That is the empirical part of the acquisition of knowledge. The first act of the mind is subconscious, since the mind is undeveloped at birth in a state of tabula rasa, and that act is the act of induction: “I just received a perception; therefore, something exists that is perceivable.”
The rational part is abstracting from that recognition of “something” the identity of it of it as “something”. Until is has more “somethings” to compare it to, it can give it no more identity than that.
After it has made several identifications of existents, it comes to realize they are outside itself, things like “nurse”, mother, nipple, and later things like “my bed”, “my room”, my this and that. This is the epistemology of a “knowing mind” which finds it impossible not to conclude that what it knows is of an external world, and that which knows it is internal, of which the ego is the driving force.
“The term “egoism” derives from “ego,” the Latin term for “I” in English. (Egoism should be distinguished from egotism, which means a psychological overvaluation of one’s own importance, or of one’s own activities.)”

Raptor Jesus

The soul is a vessel. Consciousness is when your senses experience things.

Its a TRAP!

hahah if you are sub conscious then would your mind be working?
its almost like asking what would the difference between being awake or asleep?
There is the mind that attributes what happens and conscious is what you are directly aware of.


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