Are men bigger drama queens than women?

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Give examples, please.
“Most of the so-called bad things that happen in people’s lives are due to unconsciousness…..they are self created, or rather ego-created….”drama”. When you are fully conscious, drama does not come into your life anymore….the basic ego patterns are designed to combat it’s own deep seated fear and sense of lack. They are resistance, control, power, greed, defence, and attack. ” Eckhart Tolle

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Honestly…only gay men are more Drama Queens that real women……………………..


Some men are, but alas the majority of those who seem to seek out and revel in drama, are female.
I’ll pass…I don’t have the patience.

Damned Either Way24

omg yes!!! all guys i know are soo dramatic! i think its because we deal with our period, making us vulnerable on a regular basis, we’re used to it, it makes us stronger. but guys, they have a headache and right away think thier gonna faint, or they have a stomach ache and right away think thier gonna die of appendicitus.

Rashdan A

It depends on the person if he is too dramatic! Women are known to be more dramatic but men can be tough competitors in this category. Don’t you see in movies what or how a guy reacts when his other girlfriend finds out that he is dating other women? But there are some women like Raakhi Sawant in India who are too much to handle. So basically, men and women are equally dramatic. It’s the character doing it…not the gender!


well I think both men and women are drama queens it just depends on the situation


Yes! These guys I am around, they’re worse than most girls I’ve seen since elementary school: on-again off-again friends, and creating drama just for the drama. It’s exasperating and hard to keep up with, who is friends with who, who hates who… And purposely saying things and half-truths to create drama.
And then there’s the moodiness. “I’m not going to be talking to you for a week or more.” When asked why, “I don’t have to explain my personal reasons.” But, I’m his best friend!.. Friends are supposed to be able to share personal things like that 🙁 It just makes me feel like he doesn’t want to be friends anymore.
Men are “supposed” to be the logical, formulaic, down-to-earth ones. But in my experience, that isn’t the case at all.


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