Are meditation,Yoga,Chakra and Kunalini also present in Abrahmic religions?






If they are not, What will u call those westerners who practice and believe in them.
In India……If a person has stepped in a church by mistake, they start calling him “christian”…….
What about those westerners whose biggest life routine is doing Yoga,raising Kundilni or doing other Dharmic deeds……
Should they be called “Christians” or “Hindu/Buddhist”
or by the names like “Hindistians”…..etc.
Lupo,I kno it is Kundalini….just a typing error….
and I also know that u know that I know…
Lupo…..I m not Acharya…….a simple
I seldom feel offended or get angry……but not on this one…..also trying to convert this seldom into never……Well You are an Indian in my opinion and just keep treading on ur path……May You experience his Kripa ……….
Here I want to add one thing…….I also have many complaints from myself regarding my
Well , Soniya Khan…Buddhism is based on Hinduism but in order to make it little bit different some assumptions were kept different…….and it was necessary to keep a separate identity……..
Cedan, Nothing is impossible……all text books are revised and a new edition is brought so try for that……and try to bring some change in the story written by one man…….


  1. The honest ones call themselves Buddhist-Christians or new agers — the shallow ones refuse to publicly acknowledge the contribution of Eastern spirituality to their lives and just go by their Christian / Abrahamic labels while still privately gaining most of their spiritual growth by practicing yoga, meditation, in some cases even tai chi and martial arts. I met an older Christian who says he lives by Buddhist philosophies & meditation and rarely attends Church but still calls himself a christian. However the trend is shifting and its cooler today to be a Buddhist or into self help/ spirituality than the dogma of the Abrahamic faiths. I’ve seen many polls where Buddhism is seen as the coolest religion in the west and while Islam came last and Xtrainity came 2nd last.
    Edit: Also yes many Hindu Brahmins were top supporters of Buddhism and Hindus and Buddhists got along so well under Ashoka and even at Nalanda. But when the Muslims invaded India that is when many Hindus joined them thinking they would phase out the Buddhists who were against the caste system. Thats what I was referring to.
    Edit: Can you email me the most important areas of Hinduism for eg I know about the Gita — which parts of the Vedas or other books are the most important? Or just email me your email and we can communicate. Thx

  2. Abrahmic religions, don’t have any Yoga,Chakra and Kunalini!! Malaysians, have forbidden to do(practice) yoga! I donno what should they be called!!

  3. I am not sure, but what I hear from someone who follows Kabbalah classes in NY City, they only repeat what Hinduism is preaching.
    According to certain historians, that is because of the extensive and sustained relationship between the Indus Valley civilisation (Harappa) and Mesopotamia and West Asia (or Near East) milleniums ago.
    With strong influence of Buddhism on all religions including Vedism.
    That being before Buddha himself.

  4. In the forgotten Qhabbalistic tradition of spiritualism, I believe they are not.
    But sadly for the most part, in my experience, the Abrahamic, including the Islmalic tradition has not much evidence of that.
    I myself am trying to rectify that, and influence as many people as I can towards a deeper, more open-minded faith of our Creator,Spirit, and all the mainfestations He/She takes in our plane.
    Is that OK, that I am trying the impossible ?

  5. Kundalini, not Kunalini, Shakthi is a Force awakened from it’s dormancy by carefully trained exercise. As is Yoga Abhyasa – a discipline of practices.
    It doesn’t matter where the person is from, he or she is still a yogi or an upasak.
    Sanathana Dharma, once, encompassed the Whole known World.
    Otherwise, how do you explain the statement – “…across the seven seas, to return …”, the accurate distances in yojanas which told us where Kambhojya Rajya [Cambodia] was and so on and so forth, from the Vedas, which were over 60, 000 years old?
    Let us not, Acharya, demean ourselves by treating our Human Brethren as different, because that is not the Shobha of the Sanathana Darma, which is, like it’s name – Universal and All Embracing.
    In all humility, I call all those practice Yoga – Yogis. The Chakras and Mandalas, as you probably know, Acharya, are merely stages in the path of the Kundalini Shakti. And that is a part of Yogabhyasa, or the practice of Yoga.
    I live, now, in India, and I’ve never heard my brethren of the Sanathana Dharma call me a Christian, though I attend the Mass on Sunday with my Catholic friends. I do not go to the Mosque, because of the fact that I do know the Surah and Ayat in al Qua’aran, which I have read, where Allah tells the kaffirs that it does not become them to enter his Masjid; and, I have no wish to offend them, unnecessarily.
    I do not like the name Hindu, Acharya, because it was a derogatory name given to all Indians by the Persians and Muslims.
    I humbly ask people to kindly use the proper name – Sanathana Dharma. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?
    And, as the very name says – it is Sanathana – Universal, All Embracing. So, why not just call them our Brothers and Sisters?
    Om Shanthi.
    I did not mean to offend you by pointing out the typo, Acharya.
    I know that you do Answer a lot of Questions on Hinduism, many of which I did not even deem necessary to Answer, or where I confessed to my lack knowledge to take them.
    If you feel offended, please accept my humble apology, unconditionally asked.
    Of course, it’s evident that I was not living in India, till very recently and my Gurus in the Santhana Dharma were not Indians. They were Germans. There is bound to be some difference between the way we see things and behave, most evidently, since I was not an Indian, though, I am now, trying to become one; albeit, in my own way.

  6. No they are not.
    Romans 1:17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”

  7. Ha !! do you think a religion telling people the earth is only 6000 years old or telling that Sun drops in a pond to cool, will have such great knowledge of Kundalini?
    They are kids, as far as philosophy is concerned

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