Home Discussion Forum Are "magic shows" like Charmed and Harry Potter good for wiccans?

Are "magic shows" like Charmed and Harry Potter good for wiccans?

Do the depictions and special effects in our culture and entertainment give people the wrong ideas about magick-based theologies (wicca, shamanism, neo-paganism, native beliefs etc.)?
Is it beneficial or detrimental?


  1. I don’t think it matters. I don’t think that watching Harry Potter makes anyone BELIEVE in wicca any more or less then they allready did.

  2. I haven’t seen “Charmed,” but I love Harry Potter. I suppose some people are having difficulty separating fact from fiction with Potter, and probably other things like Charmed, but that’s really their problem. It has the positive effect of getting people interested enough that some of them go digging for the reality behind the stories. Of course, everyone understands that the Potter movies use special effects. But many a truth is hidden there, and many, many more are hidden in the books. Just one example: most if not all of the names used on the Chocolate Frog cards are real!

  3. NO! They are one of the worst things that happened to it. It gives a false belief as to what we are and what we do. People go in thinking about magic and what they can do then get mad when they learn that isn’t what it is like at all.

  4. Generally they are bad for wicca. They provide a false image, and with all of the bad shown in both, that is what gets focused and it reflects badly against us wiccans. But on the other hand it can also be beneficial to us.
    Both shows show the more positive aspects of the magickal community too. And while some only see the bad, these shows open eyes up to us and make them see the possibilities.
    Hope this helps…

  5. It is entertainment. They’re like a fantasy action show. I’ve seen a couple of Potter movies, but I’ve never sat down to watch ‘Charmed’. I know that ‘The Craft’ inspired alot of people to begin seeking into pagan theologies. Magick is alot more about working with your inner tools than it is about fighting dragons or shooting balls of fire from your hand. I haven’t met many other pagans, and the ones I have met haven’t given me the desire to meet any more, so I dont know how these shows impact the ‘community’ at all.

  6. If taken literally they are very detrimental, but if you look at the baseline values, then no they are not bad at all…in the Harry Potter series, the literal text is just entertainment, but the story lines have values and lessons that are essential for human growth of any kind…and as far as Charmed goes…I am a practicing Neo-Pagan, I just look at it as entertainment, although it does give Christians the wrong ideas…as if the Bible and their preachers don’t do a good enough Job of that already.

  7. It depends on the content. I think that most TV and movies don’t bother to research anything, they just make it all up. Which doesn’t make for a very positive or accurate view of witchcraft or Wicca. The exception would be Harry Potter. Although, there are many fictional fantasy elements to Harry Potter. Rowling did bother to do alot of research on ancient customs and Witchcraft culture. For example, the three main characters, Harry, Hermione and Ron all have wands pertaining to their Celtic tree month.
    This is but one example. The Magickal Creatures are also many times portrayed accurately. She is also known to use references to other Mythologies. For example the band. The Weird Sisters, is another name for The Fates of Greek Mythology.

  8. “Magic shows” are entertainment. They are not intended to be taken literally or even seriously. People who tend to lash out against these things are people who are very insecure about what they believe. How else can one explain things like the Salem Witch trials, which was more about targeting those people who were different than about anything to do with ‘magic’.

  9. its nice to watch these things. its nice to imagine immaginary things
    but totaly, this is detrimental to wiccan life and we get questions relating to ‘can u do what so-an-so did in this programme…’ like we can make things happen magically like gods or something! you should know that these over-exadurative tv series arent good 4 real life activities.

  10. Good Question.
    I think we are making slow progress in this department. For instance, I no longer think of you guys as green-skinned warty women who tell on eachother to claim land, houses and little dogs too… that’s a joke, I never did think that.
    I think the people who insist that only fake magick is cool enough for TV are the exact same people who think that the little fat bald guy statue on their coffee table is Buddha and that they are being good American Buddhists by sharing marijuana with their friends…
    Maybe we should ask Mel Gibson to direct “Passion of the Witch?” and just try to sell every ounce of it for millions of dollars.


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