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are magic mushrooms good for you?

-During the psychedelic experience, emotions can rapidly and inexplicably change. Contradictory emotions, such as wonder, bliss, sadness, fear can all be encountered within minutes of each other or simultaneously. High doses carry the increased possibility of a spiritual event known as ego death, whereby the user loses the sense of boundaries between their body and the environment, creating a sort of perceived universal unity. Users may experience profound feelings of connectivity with a higher power or the universe.-
im just wondering if i should try it. imagine the stuff i would write or draw if i was inspired by the hallucinations from the mushrooms.
-The psychological effects of mushrooms can range from insightful to disorienting. Users report an increased ability to concentrate on memories, feelings of time dilation, abstract or disorganized thought patterns, glossolalia and, sometimes, sudden, intuitive realizations. In a way, mushrooms allow what would typically be bypassed by the brain’s own natural filters to be magnified, along with the ideas and emotions that may accompany such thoughts. This can be seen as both good and bad, as it may allow for an ease of the ability to focus on stressful matters, or it could also lead to a bad trip. Significant amounts of time can be spent in deep philosophical or introspective silence. This introspective mindset, if negative, can often be painful and uncomfortable for the user to experience.-
im trying to find a way to explore my mind


  1. Never mind exploring your mind. You’re damaging your liver and kidneys with those things. Seriously.

  2. Forget what that last answer said about damaging your liver and kidneys, they are replaceable.
    Exploring your mind is essential, and mushrooms are a great way to go about it.

  3. Listen, though you would explore your mind for a few hours and it would be crazy fun….. these things are addictive, harmful to your body, and actually are bad for your brain and your mind. The day after you trip, you will be in a depressive state for like 24 hours or more. The stuff brings you down way more than it “explores your mind”. Trust me. Don’t do something stupid to yourself.

  4. yes they are good for you and good for me. fuck what that bitch CM says she has no idea what she is saying.
    Lets get shroomed and explore our hidden doors in our minds. stay away from midgets when you shroom they become little trolls that live in your closet and piss in your shoes.

  5. I am not going to tell you not to do it or to do it. But I will say this, they have honestly changed my life. They really do open your mind to all new thoughts and feelings. You become in tune with the world around you. But I will say that any substance is not something to fool around with unless you know what you are doing. Make sure if you take them you are with someone who has taken them before, at least the first time. Take them on an empty stomach and make sure you are in a place that you feel safe, comfortable and you know your way around. Some people love taking them with a group of people I personally don’t. Just one or two people is the perfect crowd for me. As with any substance if you have a history of depression or other mental illness they can make those feelings stronger so it might not be the path for you. For myself it helped me see new ways to solve problems, put myself in other people’s shoes, helped me get connected to nature, and it helped me start changing some things I didn’t like about myself…it helped me learn to love myself. Everyone is different so if you choose to take them make sure you do your research, be safe, be around people you trust, and have fun. Oh yeah they taste awful I find making a PB&J on cinnamon raisin bread and putting them on it to be the way to go.

  6. Ditto aerofrce1
    I’ve worked on many of my own issues on mushrooms. I feel so much on them, to the point where it’s exhausting. That’s another reason to take them with fewer people, you feel their emotions too. My heart feels like it is opening so wide to take it all in. They do taste awful and leave a weird feeling in your bellly, but for the experience its worth it. You have to be open to them as well…I hear people say they don’t like them and I feel its because they have no idea how to accept the spiritual sensations that come with the high. They are something I will do in moderation for a long time to keep myself enlightned and in tune.


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