Are lucid dreaming and astral projection connected in some way?

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I read somewhere that they are, and I really don’t want to accidentally astral project somewhere because that would be scary, especially if my body died while I was away. I lucid-dream a lot and I ALWAYS dream vividly, in-color, you know what I mean. Is astral projection even possible? If it is, is it possible without trying?

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Astral projection and lucid dreaming are pretty much the same thing. You don’t actually leave your body when you astral project, you just imagine that you do.
That’s why you can take a bath without worrying that someone has secretly astrally projected into your bathroom, and military secrets can be kept with out worrying that there is an astral projector sneaking a peek at the blueprints.


Lucid dreaming is an accepted, well-studied scientific fact. Astral projection is not. I lucid dream all the time as well, and I’ve never had any indication of supernormal or preternatural occurrences that could be attributed to astral projection. The weird stuff that you see is the product of a mind that has been given free rein.
Those who believe in astral projection always refer to lucid dreaming as a first step. It’s up to you whether or not you believe in it. Lucid dreaming, by itself, is safe.

Ronald M

Hmmmmm., neither of the first two responders has projected. When I do, I interact with my surroundings. Both are functions of the Pineal Gland of the brain which allows the mind many, many more abilities than this.


Yes I believe they are.


Yes it’s happens to me when I sleep, astral projection is when you are out of body but near your body, astral travel is when your spirit takes excursions on it’s own, you cannot control where your spirit goes.
Many people believe they are dreaming when they are actually out of body, unless you experience it more than once, you then know it’s not a dream.
I done it five or six times without trying, for me it happens in my sleep. It happens when the heart rate slows down, that the spirit then floats upward, it is almost the same as being dead, you are aware of everything that’s going on. If your body dies while out of your body, you not going to feel it.


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