Home Discussion Forum Are love spells real? Is there such thing as magic?

Are love spells real? Is there such thing as magic?

Would it be considered dark magic for such a ritual? and where can I find a wiccan or witch who can help me?


  1. “Are love spells real? Is there such thing as magic?”
    Does not apply. You don’t know.
    “Would it be considered dark magic for such a ritual? and where can I find a wiccan or witch who can help me?”
    Dark Magic as all hell.
    No wiccan worth their salt will help you with a love spell.
    Some witches will, but you don’t want to deal with love spells. Best case senario would be the spell just not working.

  2. answer: Yes. Yes. Yes. No
    Translated: love spells exist
    magic is real
    love spells are dark magic because they twist someone against their will
    You can’t find a Wiccan, witch or pagan to help you with a love spell. No ethical one will help you on that.
    You wouldn’t want someone to twist you up against your will, don’t do it to someone else.

  3. Christians would claim that it could be a “satanic” action because they do not understand (or choose not to) the psychological power such an action could exert. Consider if you found out that somebody desired your company so much that they were willing to go as far as to get a spell conjured in order to achieve that end, wouldn’t you look at that person in a different light? Maybe after looking at their personality closer you too, may find a companionship that you never suspected until the knowledge of their action caused you to consider them differently. That is the power of a “Love spell” it is a psychological impression. Perhaps you need not go as far as to actually generate such a spell, simply somehow ensure the other person knows what you were contemplating and watch and evaluate the result. You must recognise that when the knowledge is imparted to the other person their reaction may be so gross that you will be thankful that you stopped short of the real thing.

  4. Wiccans will not do this for you, and if you do it yourself you will fail because you don’t know what your doing. I have been practicing this sort of thing for a very long time, feel free to email me and I might choose to help you.

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