Are Lindsay Lohan and Lauren Conrad, Kabbalah mystics, since they've worn the red string on their wrists?

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Also, can anyone just do it, ’cause I think I want to do it too.

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Merry Rainemas

You lost me at the celebrity reference. I don’t follow those losers.

Lilmissykato: Zionist Muslim

I get really annoyed when celebrities hijack things such as this just to be cool. I bet they cant even spell kabbalah, let alone know what it is.

Pirate AMâ„¢

The Kabbalah has nothing to do with “red strings on your wrist”. This is just another knock-off that has no clue about the real belief system.


This is what makes me glad that atheism is unpopular.

Turtles all the way down!

They could also be red Tibetan Buddhist protection cords….


Those twits probably know 5 words of Hebrew between them. I strongly doubt that they could wrap their few brain cells left untouched by hard drugs around the first principles of Kabbalah. It takes years to acquire, and you are typically only permitted to start studying it after you have reached several milestones of maturity and requires serious study(Lohan and Conrad do not know what ‘maturity’ or ‘serious study’ means…). It’s more than a cute red wrist string.
In another few years, I fully predict that the Kabbalah trend in Hollywood will have gone the way New Age did before–and barely-functional celebs will find another minority, non-Western religion to misunderstand and hack up for their own personal trend-setting hipness…possibly Tibetan Buddhism.


no , and they are not even Jewish

Walter XI JPA

Nope they’re not.
They use the string to remind them that they need their daily dose of heroin.


No they are Not. Kabalah takes years of intense study. Any one can buy a red string, Kabalah is not karate where you earn a red string. There are hundreds of red string sellers, selling tons of red strings. You want to play ? Think it is some kind of fun game ?
Any true mystic will tell you tapping into what you do not know or understand can get you hurt or worse


I saw that on Lauren. its actually orange with gold not red. 🙂


Kabbalah is the user guide to reality, life and spirituality. It is the method of Kabbalah (Hebrew for reception – to receive).
Kabbalah teaches us that there is an upper force, a creator, who is the total benevolent force – the will to bestow. It crated a single vessel to receive what it has to offer – which is infinite pleasure and abundance. The creature – the will to receive pleasure – was developed by that force and than shuttered in to many pieces. Those pieces are us (in some way) – we now have to learn that our naturally given quality – our ego – the will to receive for our own is bad and not going to get us far. I think the global crisis in every aspect of human life shows us this fact very good. Once we realize that, we should ask the creator to change that quality into the creator’s quality of bestowal – making us altruists. Than we attain the level of the creator and receive the infinite pleasure and abundance waiting for us as a united, single vessel.
I guess that reading this brings up many questions – well, as you can see, the wisdom of kabbalah is much more complicated than putting on a man made red string…
Here are some links with more information:


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