are jehovah`s witness are allowed to listen to music such as enigma,delirium ,new age?

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know that these music contains buddhist sutras chantings,Africans shamans chants and other spiritual music.

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Whatever music they listen to is dictated by each ones own person. There is no set “list” of what they can listen too. Come on.

Green Pagan 4.0

JW’s live in what we secular folk call the “pre-Footloose” era…


The best way to find out is to ask a Jehovah’s witness. Internet can not always be trusted and people often give false answers

Tim F

Not a JW here, but I am a New Age artist and I never heard any spiritual chants of any kind when I play the piano in the New Age style. I had JWs coming to my house and I never had any problems playing in front of JWs with my huge collection of New Age pieces. I don’t think the New Age music is part of their abstinence, they all loved my music also.


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