Are humans able to use telepathy?






let me be more specific not to be able to transfer thoughts but the ability to transfer feelings without being able to see one another


  1. telepathy is unaccounted for in the world of science, there are no studies to back up this phenomena
    so says my psychology major don’t agree
    yell at him

  2. Not telepathy, no. That would be using our minds to scan another mind, which isn’t possible.
    But I am pretty sure that if we can access the rest of our brains and use it, we could have a heightened sense of perception and maybe think like others. But no telepathy I’m afraid.

  3. When you have no way of communicating with another person that you might interpret as the way they’re feeling, it’s impossible. Feelings and thoughts are quite similar so it wouldn’t really make that much of a difference.
    It would be pretty cool though. 😉

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