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Are healing crystals effective?

If you only wear one crystal that’s suited to your certain need or chakra? I know its bad to overdo wearing crystals (as with anything being overdone), but are healing crystals effective for the most part?
I’m considering sapphire, amythest, rose quartz or quartz in general since it is said it helps with clearing negativity and attracting better energy as long as you bless/”clear” them so the previous user’s energy doesn’t attach to you.
If you do believe in healing crystals, which would be most effective for a guy?
I will ignore any smart a** comments so please keep them to yourself, if you have nothing nice or helpful to say move on from this question, thanks.
i see the ignorant atheists and immature kids are on today…how usual…
and the bible belts too, lovely….
Okay, for those who do believe in crystal healing and methods answer only. The others whatever get your two points see if I care.
Crystal, Pangel, Justsyd, and Goddess- thank you ladies 🙂


  1. find one medical journal in pubmed or other medical journals that claims they are, the fact is they are not, or no evidence has shown they are helpful

  2. This is a criticism. It is not intended to be sarcastic. I am concerned that people are subjecting themselves to these sinful uses of God’s creation. Please reconsider.

  3. For me, I take in their different healing energies. Each one has its own energy which is a little different from the others. I think you will find one that is most effective for you, and no one outside of yourself can tell you that. Crystals are useful as a supplement but not the only healing technique. Good luck!

  4. You dont need any crystals. All you need is to pray and ask God for healing. Then listen to Him. He will lead you to healing.
    God bless and i pray that you get completely healed and move on to live a healthy happy life.

  5. the clear quart is a good all rounder if you are worried about which to use
    works for most things … especially cleansing
    I love my crystals and have seen great results from them

  6. I use a variety of crystals for healing purposes as well (in fact, the first part of my Pagan name is Crystal because I found I had a knack for working with crystals years ago, and eventually took some crystal healing classes, then branched out into aromatherapy and some other natural healing methods.)
    I find some crystals’ energies really resonate well with me and others not so well. Rose quartz seems to have the opposite effect on me than what it’s supposed to do, but then, I guess sometimes I can be a little a** backwards. Crystals will call to you. Try taking a couple different pieces of the same type of crystal and hold one at a time in your hand and see which one’s energy you feel. (Sometimes you can actually feel like a static charge or vibration in your hand from them.)
    Quartz crystals are generally good for starters.
    Aside from cleansing them of any energies they may have absorbed prior to your having them, you should also cleanse the ones you use every so often as they will draw negative energies from you also.

  7. some people and their answers on here should be reported. lol. but i think that quartz are good to wear, and also amythest. i have always heard good things about them. i have not started to wear healing crystals yet, but i do believe they have magical power. i say that because i think, just like shells, they have been here through the roughest times, and they are still here. they are fun to wear, and also i think they have protective powers, since they have been here for years.


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