are haloes or auras mentioned in the bible anywhere?

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no. used in art to depict the saints.

* Conics *


Michael K

No. It is used to mark saints in paintings and other religious items.


It is just a artsy way of depicting saints.


Yes, I seem to remember that Moses had a halo.
Also there was a guy name of Sadoc, and he pawned his halo, and God was wroth.


No. Angels are though.

Billdo Oreilly

If you notice Jebus always has the rays of the sun behind him, because he is the SUN of God… not the freakin son… he wasn’t some dude hitchhiking around the middle east, he’s the freakin LIGHT OF THE WORLD. The Church took these stories that were never meant to be taken literal, and act like they’re freaking history. Christians eat this bunkum up, we’re still living in the DARK AGES my friend.

Greg Sams

Trying to get the aurora connect Billdo, and wondering if we could give halo status to the corona of the Sun – a glowing electromagnetic mind field. But is it/are they mentioned in the Bible? Does it matter? Google sunofgod.


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