Are Ghosts ……?

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(1) Real entities
(2) Beings of parallel dimensions
(3) Quantum Anomalies
(4) Lingering spacetime signatures
(5) Five pounds of unadulterated hogwash
(6) Vacuum Fluctuations
(7) Unreal objects of mythology and folklore
(8) Fairytale creations
(9) Hard to detect gravitational waves
(10) Mental masturbations of the mental cases
(11) Events caused by some as yet poorly understood physical process
(12) Long lost cousins of UFO Elks
(13) Acrobatic figments of a paranoid imagination
(14) Six femto-grams of Quantum flapdoodle
(15) Religiously defined/sustained notions
(16) Strategic objects designed to depart fools from their money
(17) Lingering earthbound entities with unfinished business, somehow, left behind/trapped in our dimension
(18) Spiritual shape shifters
(19) Atmospheric-like conditions
(20) Phase-shifted n-dimensional creatures
(21) Normal ordinary folks of a parallel Universe
(22) Agents of the Devil
(23) Strange particles as yet not identified
(24) The best friends of Hollywood directors
(25) All of the above
(26) None of the above
(27) I think I have my own theory (please specify)
(28) I AM a ghost, let me tell you EXACTLY what I am

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all of the above

mohammed k

u have to much time on your hands

tim m

all of the above


1. real entities. i have seen them, and you can believe me or not.



Icy gazpacho

The result of too many hallucinogens




I think many different phenomena get lumped in under the general category of “Ghosts”. Here are the suggestions which you offered up which I think are part of the general phenomena:
1. Real entities (1)–I have heard way too many stories from reliable sources to not believe that they are in some cases real, genuine, entities.
2. Events caused by some as yet poorly understood physical process (11)–poltergeists, and their relation to teenagers in general, make me feel certain that there is some transference of energy going on somewhere which is hard for science to put a finger on.
3. Lingering earthbound entities with unfinished business, somehow left behind or trapped in our dimension (17)–again, too much anecdotal information to simply dismiss it out of hand. I read an interesting book once by a medium who specializes in hauntings, and how she convinced the wife of a whaling captain to leave the house they had shared together. The wife was still there, waiting for her husband’s return because one of their children had died while he was on a whaling voyage and she wanted to be the one who told him. She died accidentally as she waited, but stayed in the house, waiting for him. It was only when she was contacted by someone with whom she could actually communicate that she agreed to leave the house and move on.
4. Strange particles as yet not identified (23)–lots of weird physical phenomena and environmental disturbances caught by camera and recording devices, but which cannot be explained or correctly identified, such as radical changes in temperature, strange smells, arcs or balls of light in photographs, etc…


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