Home Discussion Forum Are Ghosts simply energy from life or death that occurred?

Are Ghosts simply energy from life or death that occurred?

Two major theories exist that Ghosts are actually either the spirit, or the soul of a deceased. However many ghosts described are reported to have objects and props included in the sight, which to me would more along the lines point to the event being energy that is occurring in or around the site… or perhaps even far from the site? of a death… perhaps severely anguished and painful, devilsome event that produced energy to only occur for moments to an observer… and hense only para-observable as the witness looks directly at, or experiences an emotional fright or sensation about the ghost, it vanishes.


  1. I believe somewhat true to what you’ve already answered yourself . With the whole object and clothing sighting on spirits , think of it this way , when your physical body dies your soul or, your energy is left that energy in itself is an existence almost as if it has its own “mind” that’s the soul . The soul has its own view of itself of the essence that makes you you . We as human beings cannot see ourselves from a third persons point of view , the closest we come to that is being able to see our selves’s on tape recorders or in mirror’s but truly we know who we are in sight of our mind and
    soul more by the essence of who we are , being our actions emotions, gesture’s, expressions, the way we dress and how we treat others and ourselves . Sometimes items such as a ring or a watch that we wear often that is always with us also becomes a part of our self , being that it is always there we enjoy its presence and we trust for it to be with us therefore knowing I have this Dragon ring on my finger when I close my eye’s at night if I am to envision myself the ring I wear is also a part of me and it is what I would see with me in my minds eye .
    Therefore when we die and have no partaking in the reality of earthly society anymore we only have our essence left who we know we are or know we were and our Soul is given its form through it self existence of energy. This is what we project to other s to see us as, also Spirit forms can change from one person to the other just as earthly personality’s do change with some people .
    Some people will spend time with an extremely Conservative individual and when they are around those people , they are somewhat more conserved themselves whereas they may be a little more energized and free spoken if they were around a person who liked excitement this is the image they would portray and therefore remember subconsciously to portray this same image around these same individuals , I believe Spirit’s are somewhat of that same nature being that their strongest connection to be able to manifest to a certain individual would be the closest form of them self that they portrayed in life to a certain person , and hence appearing again to them would be strongest in way of connecting and being known for who they are if they connect to their own person memory of them .
    I hope this made some sort of sense and helped!
    I know many people who are closed minded and live completly under the rules of science but even depending on which beliefs you hold when it comes to Scientific belief there are many such that do help to back up the theory of Spirits , Like the Chaos theory where you cannot state that evrything is held under a rule of science or anytype of rule. Unlike the String theory or Quantum field theory .

  2. The suggestion that ghosts are “energy” is a theory put forth by the ghost enthusiast’s, where they come up with this stuff I have no idea.
    Ghosts are not the “energy” of anything, what minimul amount of “energy” we have in our bodies ceases at the time of death.
    The electrical impulses in our bodies stop at the time of death, this “energy” doesn’t go anywhere.
    Then the believers will say, well “energy cannot be destroyed” so this “energy” has to go somewhere, they are mistakenly taking the laws of thermodynamics out of context and applying it to “ghosts”, the laws of thermodynamics have nothing to do with ghosts.
    Science has pretty much explained what is the root cause of “ghostly experiences” and that is em fields and their direct effects on the brain.
    Ghosts are not the “spirit”, “soul” or “energy” of the dearly departed.


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