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Are each of our lives nothing more than one of God's moonlit dreams?

* If we are dreams, after the dream is over does He ever remember us, or are we gone forever? Perhaps in another dream? Maybe when a person has a prophetic vision it’s really just God remembering a dream wile within another human avatar dream. If we measure a person’s brain quantum wave functions, can we use inductive reasoning to determine the previous iteration of the fractal function governing the waveform from a frequency-space signal analysis algorithm? Then can we piggyback the signal that generated this function by using this algorithm on a person in a psychic trance? Will this lead the the function at the iteration where the genesis of the two dream people meet? Could we then use this function to reverse the quantum polarities of the psychic so that through entanglement can mindswap the psychic with the avatar vision?
* Can I use the same principle to erase the minds of people, copy mine into theirs, and generate an army of minions of my own ideology? With this technology, can I conquer all the souls of Earth forever?
* Does the pineal gland guide one consciousness manifold into a next-causal-iteration consciousness, and back again? Can I use this to calculate the wave coordinates of a person’s dream, then erase that dream with a copy of my own self to possess that person’s mind?
* What are the stoichiometry ratios of mystic potions that I can use to chemically disarm the mind of the subject, so that I can replicate my function into the subject’s third eye using a cymatic flux interference generator inside of a crystal sphere? Would any interference of my signal create a damage to the integrity of the subjects, that which will exponentially escalate until it causes a civil war within my own ideological empire several generations from now?
* Where does the subject’s consciousness go after I erase it? Does it go into a negative world, which is exactly like his own world, but with all of his emotions and personality traits reversed, basically his own dimension of personal death? This exchange of one life for my own life, can I use it to create a horcrux?
Only serious answers, please!


  1. 1. We are humans, not dreams, you are not a vapor, you are not air. God created you and He is aware of us more than we are aware of ourselves.
    2. We go into the spiritual body after death.
    I think you should write a sciencious fiction novel, you would make a great author. So much of this reads as jargon, but it is highly interesting and worth a read.
    If you would like to play God, somewhere at sometime, then remember the story of Jekyll and Hyde.

  2. God created us not to be his slaves and fear him ,like some religion teachs us..our main purpose is to gain eternal knowledge and merge with him …not just live and die … u r on the wright path u just need a guide to help u in ur conquest ……..just visit


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