Are drug gurus such as Timothy Leary or Aldous Huxley the pioneers to the future blissful state of mind of humankind? Could yoga, tantra and the ancient eastern traditions be considered the long path to illumination and therefore obsolete?


  • wow i dont see why all you guys are so upity about drugs as drugs are a part of our body and every day life if we off set the balance as there is use and abuse . the same with meditation /chanting ect i try to raise my spirit and not to worry if it is a substance i know people n who consider lsd sacrament life should be lived and as many experiences nas you can fit into it

  • I meditate, have done lsd, and shrooms, and other such mind expanding substances.

    These substances are in no way a substitute for what hare deep meditation can do for you, although they do have alot of positive benifits. for example, after i tried lsd, my consciousness felt as if it expanded and if i could perceive more. it cleared my mind and made going into trance states from just plain meditation alot easier, and it also made me more in tune to nature and my soul. lsd has been more of a teacher than any guru or monk ever could be. i am in no way addicted to it and quite enjoy it actually.


  • I’ve taken LSD and shrooms, and they are great for what you are talking about, but yoga and meditation are much better (and safer!). You obviously have never practiced yoga seriously.

    Leary, Huxley and the rest of them (League for Spiritual Discovery) were also very into Eastern practices like Buddhism, Hinduism, meditation, etc.

    They tie in well together — I don’t think you can have just the drugs without some form of meditation, and yoga is an awesome, natural high.

  • possibly.. and schizophrenia is caused by high levels of dopamine.. not lsd…

    and I think that when you experience good trips on psychedelics or dissociatives, I think that they could be “future scientific advancement to bliss”.

  • I don’t think so. Psychedelic drugs in research were banned for a while but a doctor managed to get some DMT which occurs naturally in the body and injected it into people. The went in their minds to all sorts of places. Yoga, Meditation, Silent prayer, Contemplation etc are not necessarily very lengthy paths. Many people are experiencing alternate states spontaneously during stress, bereavement and just for no reason at all.
    Psychedelic drugs can lead to bad trips and kill you so it’s probably better to meditate.

  • Huxley believed deep meditation could induce the same mind-expanding effects as LSD and mescaline. In his book “The Door of Perception” he even likens the psychedelic experience to that of a religious epiphany, claiming that “prophets” and such were actually just people who experienced this expanded consciousness and spread it as a spiritual message. I highly recommend that book. And I recommend LSD.

  • Yeh, bad trips sure are bliss, I like believing giant spiders are out to inseminate me

    I meditate when i can and its the safest way, but also sometimes even certain types of meditation alone can mess you up in ways not largely explored

  • I have never taken LSD but Im going to one of these days.

    However I do meditate and give myself highs and different perspectives by doing so. Experience is your only real Truth on spirituality because science just isnt there yet.

    I do believe drugs bring you to a higher dimension of Being but those effects go away…becoming this higher dimension is what meditaion and self realization are all about…to me 🙂

  • There are references to the intoxicating spirits. Some people think that it is a liquid in a bottle
    I think they are actual spirits When you swallow acid you are inviting foriegn spirits into your soul to entertain you. There’s only room enough in us for 2.. God and us It’s also called being posessed, and can lead to worse kinds of posession

  • Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley were drug addicts. They were hooked on various hallucinogens that made them see and hear things that weren’t there.

    It seems to me a stronger connection to reality might be a better idea than drug-induced idiocy/oblivion. If you want to be in a permanently zoned-out state of mind, get a lobotomy.

  • I occasionally take mind expanding drugs, but they are no substitute for natural forms of release like yoga, meditation, daily exercise.

    Drugs should only play a very minor supplemental role in a person’s life.

  • “No, LSD is nothing more than a medicine which induces short-term schizophrenia.”

    Or is schizophrenia just a long term trip?

  • No, LSD is nothing more than a medicine which induces short-term schizophrenia. Stay away from that crap.

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