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Are dreams a prelude to reality?

What I mean is, are dreams a visionary look at our future or are they the subconscious mind telling us what we should do.
I know its a deep question, but I have had an experience where I had a dream and it came true. Fortunately the outcome was a positive outcome.
Thanks Edwin, I like your way of thinking.


  1. An old legend says that dreams are apparitions from the spirit world that tell you of the future and what might happen to you, your loved ones, or other people around you. It all depends on how you look at the dreams and what happens in real life, even though if a certain event happens, you can’t change what already past.

  2. Dreams are basically your sub-conscience working out the things your conscience couldn’t work out during the day.
    There is a level of spirituality involved and it could be argued that it is your soul conversing with your mind.
    Now if that leap in logic can be made, the saying, “You know the answer to your own questions” makes a little more sense, especially when you consider all the other souls that yours is in contact with.
    Off topic but, the only person that knows the future would be God, and even he has a very limited view. All it takes is someone to make a decision out of character and it would throw the whole future out of whack, something like the “butterfly effect”.

  3. There is no direct connection and it can’t be.The language of dreams is through symbolism and not what we speak or read.Nor can any body interpret them accurately as meanings of such symbols varies from person to person.Give no such importance to dreams as it’s minds own way of arranging,sorting and storing of events and memory.

  4. predicitons of the future except it can come in different forms. some symbolic, etc.. also the mind telling us what to do. It is both.


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