Are Crusades, Inquisitions, witch trials and the KKK sufficient to prove that Christianity is NOT good?

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Given that it has led to each of those things, how do you dare try to justify it as something that a benevolent Supreme Being would want? If a god of pure goodness shared information with humanity, wouldn’t that god make sure there was no way whatsoever that it could be interpreted or used as an excuse for violence and hate?
Yeah, you think about that.

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It was sufficient for me…

Noota Oolah

I’d say that proves that people are not good. Nothing in the doctrine actually supports these acts.

Faithful Atheist

Crusades i agreed with, inquisitions and witch trials not so much. The teachings are pretty cruel when you think about it

Priscilla 101 >Is ENGAGED<

The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Witch Trials combined killed no more than 500,000 people total, and that is a VERY generous estimate. Compare that to the atheist Stalin’s estimated 60 million.
KKK has nothing to do with Christianity, they are a fringe sect that believes in British Israelism and all kinds of other wacko theology

Lighting Up Time

I would also add Bush’s Iraq war to that list.


Don’t confuse Catholicism with Christianity. You will be sure to miss the Lord altogether.


Peace be upon you know
Because the reasoning is flawed, you cannot argue from the parts to the whole.
Just like with terrorism, a few hundred bad people (.0001%), does not justify classifying all 1 500 000 000 and counting.
There were just rulers, and there were unjust rulers. The unjust ones will have to stand before God and account for their sins.


No, but the total lack of evidence and the irrationality of the concept is.

Stephan P

maybe, I like your logic, Read this question when you are not high, see if it makes sense.


I used to be turned off to religion, especially Christianity. Events like those were the main reason why.
Now I realize that the problem isn’t religion itself. Those things were done by people who abused religion. People can screw up.

So-crates GOT MARRIED NorCal R&S

I am an atheist, and I disagree with your assessment…
Christianity is not to blame for these horrors – stupid humans who have twisted and bent the message of Christianity are responsible for those horrors…
See, by the same token, if you are going to make this argument, then you MUST accept that the atheism is responsible for the slaughter of the Chinese by Mao Tse Tung. Whats fair is fair, right? (See how Priscilla turned it around on you? And, if you are right, then so is she…)

Cool Dude

These regrettable activities represent the acts and behavior of some Christian men, not all, not even most Christians. Some policemen are corrupt. Should we do away with the police department? Some firemen are arsonists. Should we no longer call them for help if the house is on fire? Some (OK, many) politicians are corrupt. Should we disband democracy?
God seems to be a firm believer in freedom of will. And maybe He also expects the rest of us to use some modicum of judgment and common sense in determining who is following His laws and who isn’t before blinding throwing in with them.

Still there

God has no control over free will.

Chris F

You forgot about the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda
Do some research on those guys. Proof that Christian Extremism does still exist today.
At the very minimum, all it proves is that any religion can be interpreted in an extremist way and that extremism is dangerous in any religion.


islam is the religion of peace.. thats all i want to say


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