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Are crop circles still considered a mystery?

Many groups have claimed the ability to create crop circles, yet I still see hints that people still see them as a mystery. Why? Is it because of the elaborate designs??


  1. There are a few moon-bats out there that still think it is a mystery. But, those people are always going to think everything is a mystery. In reality, crop circles were a prank.

  2. No, not for the complexity, but for the cleaness of some of them. In most crop circles there are clear evidences of the “process” they were created with; in some cases there absolutely no traces.

  3. no, people tie planks of wood on their feet and walk around a corn field and smash the corn stalks and bend them so it is flat. It then looks like a circle. but aliens don’t do it.

  4. I saw a show on the Discovery Channel where these guys showed how they make crop circles, and they were just that CIRCLES. They had wood planks that they used to lay down the corn stalks in a corn field.
    I’m not real sure how they would do this in one night…..
    No mistakes are ever made, and no imperfections of geometry are noticed. Pretty good work whoever is doing it.
    At least I can say “I don’t have any idea who is doing it.” And I am not foolish enough to think I have the answer.

  5. Something like 90% have confessed pranksters behind them. The other 10% simply haven’t admitted to it, for the laugh.
    There is no known crop circle whose formation cannot be explained by an experienced prankster.
    The reason we still hear about them is that there is, unfortunately, still a lot of money in pseudo-scientific books and a lot of UFO “experts” that need to earn a living, especially in the US.

  6. Wind can lay down a neat crop circle, such as by a dust devil. But some designs are more elaborate than anyone would expect from a natural phenomenon. Even on the blackest, moonless nights one can still see by starlight or ambient city light, after one’s eyes adapt. That typically takes 15 to 20 minutes for college aged pranksters.
    Not all crops circles have been explained as the hijinks of local pranksters, but plenty of them have been, and that is the most likely explanation for all of them. It just does not seem likely extraterrestrials would go to the trouble to scare a few farmers, when it would so easy for them to scare millions in some populated city by flattening “building” circles…

  7. The elaborate designs can be faked by people with the know-how. What gets harder to fake is bending the stalks of the crop without the stalk breaking, and the magnetization of the plants in the crop.


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