Are crop circles all man-made, all alien-made, or a combination of the two?





I believe that crop circles originated from an alien source, and by that I mean simply something foreign and unknown, and that people observed these strange formations over the years and began to create hoax circles which they made themselves. I think many complicated crop circles are of unknown origin.
What do *you* think?


  1. Me personally and like many others believe that these are coming from the 5th dimension, they are sacred geometry in nature and every design is a message, to decode perhaps. Granted yes, there are many out there that are man made, but not all. We often forget the natural and mysterious forces of our surroundings. We will also be introduced more to the 5th dimension in these next few years while we go through another natural cycle.

  2. why do crop circles occur only in one part of the world ? Do aliens like visiting that place ! interesting !
    I really think its man made !

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